To be or not to be…a Feminist?

I’m saddened to hear that Shailene Woodley, a young and upcoming Hollywood actress, doesn’t want to be considered a feminist. Why? Because she loves men and does not believe that women overtaking men’s power would benefit the world in any way.

Adding to the thought, she said in her TIME magazine interview, “We have to have a fine balance.” How sad that she is describing the very core of feminism but doesn’t even know it i.e gender equality. However, she is not the only female role model who has made this mistake, joining in with likes of Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry.

Granted that the media and society itself propagate the concept with a negative connotation, many are unfortunately misinformed and uneducated as to what feminism or being a feminist really is.

Being a feminist does not mean burning your bras to prove a point (first of all, bras are very expensive) and it most certainly does not mean hating men or anything remotely masculine. In fact, men are feminists too. If you’re wondering how that is, then you really need to understand the movement and what it aims to establish.

I believe that author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie defined the term best saying, “Feminist: A person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”

For those who may be confused which side of the coin they fall on

I don’t want to point the finger at men for in reality, women are just as responsible to rectify gender inequality. If you esteem to sit and complain about male hegemony, then it accomplishes nothing. Young girls need to be taught to have their own opinions, not further anyone else’s, man or woman. It is wrong for men to assume that women are vessels to bear children and meant to do household work. There is no shame in managing a household, it is in fact a full-time job, one that is without pay or vacation days I’m afraid. It’s upsetting how women can be taken for granted so easily.

On the other hand, while discussing fairness to both genders, I feel it is important that we acknowledge that men are not monsters harbouring ill intentions. Not all, anyway. Women should not insinuate that all men are insensitive pigs or sexual sharks because the matter of the fact is that that is simply not true. It is unfair to generalise in the case of both men and women. While women are subjected to unfair stereotypes, men are too. Men are victims of rape as well and their trauma is no less than that of a woman’s.

I think the more we point out differences among men and women, the worse it is. After all, we are human beings. In fact, psychologist Carl Jung, the male psyche consists of a female component called the anima while the female psyche consists of a male component called the animus.  So in truth, we all have our masculine and feminine sides. So why can’t we just embrace them?

I’m so sick and tired of being told to do something simply because I’m a girl or hearing a boy being told to ‘man up’.  I would just like everyone to be. Till then though…


Be a feminist.

It’s not the right choice but it’s a good choice.

Animals with Alcohol


The rejects kiss in coat closets

Wheels screech as the drunken drive

Vapour stings the eyes of the sleep deprived

Bars soak in drunken secrets

While killing time, pretending to feel alive

Nobody thinks

Nobody dreams

Everyone is always

As they seem

At the end of it all

We’re nothing but

Animals with alcohol

As hollow as the bottles crashing to the ground

Broken like the shards at our feet

We don’t care to make a sound

Incomplete till the pieces lost are found

It’ll be a while, might as well take a seat

Reserve it for the centuries

Cause that’s how long it will be

Nothing changes

Not a thing

We still pretend to like

The songs we sing

On broken karaoke machines

Because at the end of it all

We’re nothing but

Animals with too much alcohol…

And not enough soul

We really traded up

Humanity for poison in a cup

Till we’ve become our downfall

Just animals drowning in alcohol

I’d written this after going to a party I regretted. It’s sad how some people brag about being high or drunk all of the time.

Music Review- The 1975

I’ve been listening to this album for a while now and it’s the best thing to listen to when writing, blogging or reading so I thought I’d write a review!

First off, The 1975 is a Manchester-based alternative/indie-rock band consisting of  Matthew Healy (vocals, guitar), Adam Hann (guitar), George Daniel (drums), and Ross MacDonald (bass).

The band is extremely talented, with Matt Healy’s unique vocals adding to their fantastic sound. In an era where pop culture dominates the Top 40 and iPods across the world,  The 1975 prove a point of their own: undiscovered gems or underrated musicians are the ones you ought to listen to, although at the rate they’re rising, they won’t be underrated any longer.

Massively popular in the UK, they are now touring with The Neighbourhood as their opening act. I’ve heard that The 1975 put on a great live show, blowing away the minds of the audience in the span of a few hours, not many complaining. All that without dancing half naked or choreographed dancing, how about that. No wonder because their eponymous, debut album is unwavering in musical quality, letting their music do all the talking.

Having a 1980’s sound, I particularly enjoyed listening to these songs off the album:


Their catchiest song by far, Chocolate is the notorious single that stole its fair share of attention from many listeners. A radio favourite, it is an upbeat tune with a dark undertone of a meaning beneath it. Chocolate is in fact, not chocolate at all and the euphemism-ridden lyrics about guns hidden under petticoats, a car smelling of chocolate and running away from the boys in the blue make for lyrical and hidden entertainment. Really listen to the lyrics and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The City

Unlike everyone else who fell in love with this band over Chocolate, I discovered them by listening to The City. This one is more of drum based track, inspiring listeners to take some chances which will relate to those of us who are still trying to figure everything and ourselves out.

Healy explained, “It’s a love song I suppose – a love letter to the baffling cacophony that is teenage self exploration in places loud and inspiring.”

Just like the song’s lyric ‘If you want to find love, then you where the city is’ the same applies to the album. If you want to find good music, then you know where the album link is.

She Way Out

Although music critics have pegged this song down on account of its repetitiveness, I find it enjoyable for that very reason. This tune is a clear daylight example of what music in the 80’s would sound if it were infused with modernity. She Way Out is an up beat track like Chocolate; a pop injection about a girl with ‘a two-tone everything’ and ‘a face from a movie scene’.

Settle Down is another of my favourites, written based on Healy’s obsession with Michael Jackson, ultimately about the nonsensical dynamics of relationships, addictive and possessing.

Girls is a colourful song discrediting the significance of infatuation claiming, “They’re just girls.” On the other hand, Robbers is  an eerie and haunting tone, unique when compared to the rest of the tracks off the album.

Movie Review- Million Dollar Arm

Disney has done it again with a brilliant comedic against-all-odds film, telling the tale of how a sports agent, in a last ditch effort to save his career, travels to India to find potential baseball pitchers who can make a splash into the big leagues.  This is how the Million Dollar Arm contest came about, a truly out-of-the-park idea.

I wasn’t thrilled upon hearing JB trash India’s beloved sport i.e cricket saying, “It doesn’t require talent to hit a ball wherever you want. Anyone can play.” It’s the similarities between baseball and cricket that inspires JB to travel to India, which according to him is the last untapped market in Asia.

Having been born in North America and moved to India, I can relate to both sides of the story, how confusing it can be to adjust to the customs and ways of India and how Indians do things differently. This is just one of the many challenges faced by JBB sir, as he’s called in India.

It’s a pleasant change, seeing Jon Hamm play a less darker character than Mad Men’s Don Draper, in his first lead film role as sports agent, JB Bernstein.  Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, the two Indian pitchers living the American dream, are played by Suraj Sharma from Life of Pi and Madhur Mittal of Slumdog Millionaire fame. They did an excellent job of portraying small town boys from rural India, in a way that does not make it seem degrading, something rare to see in an American movie.  However, I enjoyed watching Pitobash Tripathy play the obedient and ever-enthusiastic Amit, JB’s assistant-cum-translator. A.R Rahman’s soundtrack is brilliant as well.

With a low budget of $25 million, Milion Dollar Arm just goes to show that if you’ve got a story and a great cast, anything is possible.

I’d recommend watching it to anyone who loves sports films!