Studying literature

Studying literature is sometimes a funny thing. Perhaps we add meaning to words that were written in a fit of anger or a moment of lust, fueled by fleeting insanity wherein sense is abandoned. If I write that the curtain is red, you could interpret that statement as my anger clouding my eyes in rage till I see everything in a maroon shade, but maybe, just maybe, the curtain really is red.

When preparing for lit exams it is easy to completely dive into the text and interpret it in new ways but then studying is a whole other aspect. Sometimes in the art of critique and studying, we lose our connection to the words and ultimately appreciation.


A Five Day Sleep Journal

I decided to do my own sleep journal entry for this prompt and take a closer look at my sleeping pattern and habits. After reading the article on sleep procrastination, I wanted to see why I procrastinate on my sleep (although once I fall asleep, I sleep for a good 12 hours if left alone, so it’s not as if I’m sleep deprived).

Day 1: 23rd June, 2014

What time I wanted to sleep: 12 am

What time I slept: 2 am

Reason for the difference: Uni work, watching TV, listening to music and blogging

Day 2: 24th June, 2014

What time I wanted to sleep: 12 am

What time I slept: 10 pm

Reason for the difference: NIL

Day 3: 25th June, 2014

What time I wanted to sleep: 12 am

What time I slept: 3:30 am

Reason for the difference: Reading, watching FIFA (time zones suck)

Day 4: 26th June, 2014

What time I wanted to sleep: 12 am

What time I slept: 1 am

Reason for the difference: Watching TV, on my laptop

Day 5: 27th June, 2014

What time I wanted to sleep: 12 am

What time I slept: 12:30 am

Reason for the difference: Watching TV, on my laptop

Based on my five day sample, I can see that the reasons I stay up later than I intend are in my control and demonstrates my lack of self-regulation.

I also tend to fall asleep with the TV on, which may or may not be a bad habit according to an article I read in Readers Digest. For those who can’t ‘turn their brain off’ having the TV on passively in the background can relax people like me and help them sleep so in my case it’s not distracting me from sleeping altogether.

I think the reason I stay up late us because, as an introvert, I need just as much time for myself as how much I spend with others.

I suppose I have to work on going to bed at the right time by modifying my behaviour. Hopefully I can.

If not, I’m perfectly fine being a sleep procrastinator. I don’t find it all too terrible a thing to be.


Pills and Vodka

This is a prologue to a novel I started about the underworld of the music industry.

I decided to stick to the home aspect of the prompt and perhaps in this piece it sounds like there is none. I suppose in a way, even though you live somewhere you may still feel unprotected and lost. So we make our home in the art of writing.

That’s what I wanted to convey.

The house is empty. They’ve all gone. I sit slumped on a chair in the corner of the room. My hazy eyes surveyed the remnants of extravagant social interaction, nothing but a huge party that served no purpose apart from supplying alcohol and euphoric feelings to those invited.

There’s pills skittered across the floor in a sea of vodka below my feet. I feel sick. My head hurts, my vision blurred. The sad thing that is that I’m not the type to crash in a drunken stupor. Instead, I tend to think. Which, I assure you, is far worse than anything else you can do when inebriated. At least having sex when drunk is fun. But then again, maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s just sad.

I walk to the bed a few feet from where I sat and lay down, embroiled in reliving mistakes. There have been far too many. My eyelids close, the thoughts stop streaming like an incessant radio station.

108 fm Radio Crazy! Tune in to the Buzzzzzzzzzzz

Seconds pass.

It switches off…


In my dreams I am the same person. No idealised notions. No heroic actions. Just me. So even my unconscious is trying to screw me over I guess (haha, very funny). I can’t even dream anymore. That’s why sleeping isn’t any good.

I see colours shifting and flashes of irrelevant gaunt faces in a whirlwind of hostility. Psychedelic highs don’t compare. This is something else entirely.

Red, green, blue then black. Family, friends and the boys I liked. They mixed until I didn’t know the difference. The rainbow looked like shit to me. The people were just as bad. In my dreams that is…


And then I wake up.

Daylight filtered into the room through the pastel curtains. I don’t know what time it is but I know it’s the afternoon. Although it really didn’t matter.

Lying there, I didn’t know what else to do.

So I decided to write.

Like I was told to do when things got out control.

Go Brazil and Germany!

To show my support for Brazil and Germany in the World Cup, I decided to do this because I want them to ‘nail’ it (pun intended)!

fifa nails


Funnily, loads of guys have actually found it interesting! One of them even wanted me to paint the Germany and England flags on his own nails and I laughed but…turns out he wasn’t kidding. So I’m going to do his nails on Monday.

That’s something I never thought I’d say.

Book a Day (Days 21-25)

Day 21: Summer Read

 Journey to the River Sea is a perfect summer read, with the vivid description of the Amazon and the rain forest. Eva Ibbotson, rest in peace, was a splendid writer who left us with amazing books to read so I’d recommend her other books like The Secret Countess and The Star of Kazan.  In fact, I think they’re all perfect summer reads!


Day 22: Out of print

I don’t know any books out of print and I’m happy for that because it hurts when something you love can’t be found anymore…much like all my favourite food joints closing down 😦

Day 23: Made to Read at School

I think all books are meant to be read in class when you’re bored and your professor can’t help but go on and on and on about something but right now I’m reading Hannah Tinti’s The Good Thief so I’ll go with this one.

Day 24:  Hooked me into reading

I read the DaVinci Code at a very young age of 11 but once I got my hands on it, I would not let it go until I finished it. It’s also the last book I ever got in my home town Ottawa. My mom bought it for me as a surprise at the international airport as we were leaving to move to India. I think it’s safe to say that I was not bored on the journey.

Day 25: Never finished it

Try as I might, I just could not finish reading Lord of the Flies and now it lies in my unfinished pile in the book shelf, where it may perhaps lie forever.


Movie Review- How to Train Your Dragon

Rating: 4/5

Cast: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill etc.

How to Train your Dragon 2 picks up five years from the end of the  prequel so you can expect a more mature story line with Hiccup, Astrid and the gang all grown up. You can just feel how much time has passed between the two films and this is a good thing because we have also grown up as well.

In HTTYD 2, Hiccup starts to explore neighbouring territories with Toothless and map them out. He and Astrid run into some trouble with a dragon trapper named Eret who tells them of a dragon army being built by Draco Bludvist, a dangerous enemy of Stoick, Hiccup’s father. On his way to make peace with Bludvist, Hiccup gets side tracked and makes a life changing discovery (that I won’t mention because yes, I hate spoilers too). In the end a harrowing battle ensues and has the audience on the edge of their seats so I guarantee it’s entertaining!

I enjoyed the second movie much more than the first partly because it caters to older audiences as well as children and it is more action-packed and established compared to the first movie which now feels like its purpose was to set up the back story for the sequel and not act as a stand alone film. How to Train your Dragon was meant to be a series and the second installment does not disappoint the audience.

I always maintain that every film being shot in 3D can get a bit ridiculous (Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is an example of a movie that did not require 3D effects because it was compelling enough without them.) but HTTYD 2 was made for 3D. Not only are the visuals stunning and beautiful but they pop out at you and who wouldn’t want an airborne dragon to do that!

The soundtrack also deserves credit with amazing composition through out the movie. I’ve read that the composer John Powell grappled with the question of how to make a movie sound older, fun yet mature all at once. I’d day he did a great job on it though! If you want to hear what I’m talking about listen to the end credit song below!

What my blog taught me

When I started this blog in the summer, I was looking for a way to put my work out there, where everyone could read it and to have a personal space that’s just me. Now I have that.

I’m an introvert who doesn’t really enjoy going around and publicizing my work to other people so I used to have my writing and art stuffed away in notebooks and sketchbooks in my desk drawers. It was always something for me and that was never a problem but now I realize it can be more than that. This blog has helped me share my talent and put myself out there.

Three months after starting this blog, I’ve seen it build slowly and I’ve gained so much from it.

Here are some things I’ve learned from this ongoing process:

  • Feedback makes you much better. I’ve now become accustomed to taking other people’s views into consideration when writing and this has improved it a great deal. A professor of mine said “Flattery is your enemy because it is deceiving but criticism allows you to grow and conquer.” So I’m glad to have received critical( which does not mean negative as many people assume) advice and of course the very kind words I hope people have not meant to be deceiving 🙂
  • Some people are downright nasty and leave terribly demotivating comments on some posts and from that I’ve learned how to handle situations like that with grace as opposed to feeling insulted. I haven’t stooped to their level of derogation which I;m glad for.
  • Blogging sounds irrelevant or pointless when referred to on TV shows when they say everyone can blog and it’s just people on the internet who need a space to rant about pointless daily events. Well, I strongly disagree because I’ve found blogging to be very therapeutic. It encourages free expression and I’m grateful for that liberty.
  • My thoughts and world view has changed. I see my life and everyday routines as inspiration for posts instead of as mundane trivialities. When college assignments bog down on me, I find them more interesting when I think of them as potential blog posts especially for literature since there isn’t detailed analysis for every piece of writing so blogs are useful in communicating what we learn to others.

I’m sure after a year of blogging on here, I’ll be able to write an essay on everything I’ve learned but for now that’s pretty much it 🙂