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Please fill these Research Study Surveys!

Hello, so my friend and I are collecting data for our psychology research dissertations and would really (and I mean REALLY) appreciate it if you could take some time to fill out our surveys!

My study is on the preferences and personality traits of those who watch Game of Thrones (those who have watched all 5 seasons without skipping any episodes) and the link to my survey is below. Anyone across the world can fill it!


My friend is studying viewers of Indian youth shows like the ones on Channel V and the link to her survey is given below:


Thanks for your time!

p.s Please forward our links to other people who might be interested! Thanks.

Interesting Ads

Evian advertises its water with ads featuring the common man but this ad is meant to promote the release of the film ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’. Although the ad does not actually feature the product until the very end with the tag line ‘Drink young and pure’, it captures people’s attention and makes them curious enough to watch until the very end since most viewers do not actually pay attention to ads on TV. The message of the ad becomes clear when the tag line appears and makes the ad more memorable in the consumer mind. There may be criticism of the ad for not featuring the ad but since the product they are trying to sell is water and is easily available, they were creative in their approach which is interesting when compared to other ads. The target audience is also wider since it appeals to younger children, teenagers and adults who are interested in Spiderman. Since this ad was creating in tandem with a movie release, it is not timeless and thus can only be aired before the movie is released and when it is playing in theatres. The ad then becomes irrelevant after the movie stops playing in theatres.

The ad sponsors not only mothers but indirectly spreads awareness about the Winter Olympics which is not very popular in the tropic countries like India. The important thing to note in this ad is that it is not meant to advertise any particular product but the brand of Procter and Gamble (P&G) which has various companies under it such as Gillette, Bounty, Pampers etc. The reason why mothers have been selected instead of fathers is that the target audience or primary consumer of P&G brand products are women. The ad has emotional appeal and makes it memorable, the mark of an effective advertisement. Not only is it an advertisement but it spreads a meaningful social message and can be aired especially around Mothers Day. This ad is also not timeless and loses relevance post the Winter Olympics or Mothers Day.

The ad contrasts what adult women and young girls act like in front of the camera, conveying the message that as they grow older they become more shy and are a little confident about their own natural beauty which is emphasized by the tag line ‘When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?”. They are trying to say their product is for everyone and that women deserve to feel beautiful and deserve the best product to highlight their natural beauty. What Dove does differently with their ad campaigns is that they show normal women in everyday situations to make the ad more relateable to the viewers and their target audience which is, of course, women. Other brands like Ponds and L’Oreal tend to use celebrities to endorse their product and feature in their ad which makes it relate less to the viewers. The ad campaign is suitable for viewers across the world since they feature women of all races as well as all age groups providing the ad with a certain amount of universality. This also conveys the message that all women across the world are the same and they are all naturally beautiful.

To be or not to be…a Feminist?

I’m saddened to hear that Shailene Woodley, a young and upcoming Hollywood actress, doesn’t want to be considered a feminist. Why? Because she loves men and does not believe that women overtaking men’s power would benefit the world in any way.

Adding to the thought, she said in her TIME magazine interview, “We have to have a fine balance.” How sad that she is describing the very core of feminism but doesn’t even know it i.e gender equality. However, she is not the only female role model who has made this mistake, joining in with likes of Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry.

Granted that the media and society itself propagate the concept with a negative connotation, many are unfortunately misinformed and uneducated as to what feminism or being a feminist really is.

Being a feminist does not mean burning your bras to prove a point (first of all, bras are very expensive) and it most certainly does not mean hating men or anything remotely masculine. In fact, men are feminists too. If you’re wondering how that is, then you really need to understand the movement and what it aims to establish.

I believe that author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie defined the term best saying, “Feminist: A person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”

For those who may be confused which side of the coin they fall on

I don’t want to point the finger at men for in reality, women are just as responsible to rectify gender inequality. If you esteem to sit and complain about male hegemony, then it accomplishes nothing. Young girls need to be taught to have their own opinions, not further anyone else’s, man or woman. It is wrong for men to assume that women are vessels to bear children and meant to do household work. There is no shame in managing a household, it is in fact a full-time job, one that is without pay or vacation days I’m afraid. It’s upsetting how women can be taken for granted so easily.

On the other hand, while discussing fairness to both genders, I feel it is important that we acknowledge that men are not monsters harbouring ill intentions. Not all, anyway. Women should not insinuate that all men are insensitive pigs or sexual sharks because the matter of the fact is that that is simply not true. It is unfair to generalise in the case of both men and women. While women are subjected to unfair stereotypes, men are too. Men are victims of rape as well and their trauma is no less than that of a woman’s.

I think the more we point out differences among men and women, the worse it is. After all, we are human beings. In fact, psychologist Carl Jung, the male psyche consists of a female component called the anima while the female psyche consists of a male component called the animus.  So in truth, we all have our masculine and feminine sides. So why can’t we just embrace them?

I’m so sick and tired of being told to do something simply because I’m a girl or hearing a boy being told to ‘man up’.  I would just like everyone to be. Till then though…


Be a feminist.

It’s not the right choice but it’s a good choice.