Wherefore art thou Cassettes and VCRs?

A single mom recorded her kid’s favourite TV show on a video cassette and kept it ready for when her daughter came back home from school. Seeing that smile on her face, as she asked to watch it again was priceless and so her mom would rewind the tape with the VCR. That was when the magic started all over.

Charlie from a  book called the Perks of Being a Wallflower made mix tapes for a girl named Sam. He loved her and those mix tapes, that he spent so much time  filling up with his favourite songs, said it in ways he never thought he could. 

An old video camera is taken out of the closet and a cassette popped in, to watch the dedicated work of a videographer…a teenage girl’s father who’d spent countless hours filming every minute as if he were going to miss something. He probably filled up piles of video tapes thinking he’d watch them back when he’s a grandfather, wanting to see how his little girl grew up. Sadly, he passed away and it’s his daughter watching the tape just to hear his voice or catch a rare glimpse of him (he never took the camera off her, after all). She mourns the loss of the most important man in her life while watching.

And now she mourns the loss of cassettes and their players, the connection between past and present. She’s lost the only way she can see her dad.

She wishes for a VCR.

To rewind her life back to when he was still alive.


My father was a computer science professor and he would go crazy about any new gadgets in the electronic section. He died before the huge boom in technology and sometimes I can’t help but wonder how much he’d have loved the tech we have today-the iPhone, BluRay, 3D TV’s etc.

Maybe if he were still here, I’d have liked them  a little more too.


Speck on the Canvas



I pretend that I am someone

Because if I don’t pretend

I may not even exist

My being altogether shall end


I am a dot in a cosmic infinite

On a paint splattered canvas I may seem small

But I am another world in my own galaxy

Not quite nothing after all


A planet spinning on an axis its own

Dictated by my time of day

Into the ball of fire I have flown

Singed horribly along the way


In my eyes, I am a fallen hero

Reliving the glory in retrospect

But to everyone else, I sigh

I am nothing but a speck

Ed Sheeran is the ONE

Sheeran is back with a melodic bang with his latest track off his yet-to be-released album Multiply called ‘One’. Sounding like his usual style, Ed has done it again, ladies and gentlemen. So for any of you who were worried about his sound changing, don’t be. He’ll always be the Ed Sheeran who can cast a spell with his voice alone.

Listen to’One’ right here!

Creativity is Contagious…so is Plagiarism.

While on the verge of a great inventive break-through, step back a second and make sure it’s really yours and not influenced by something you may have heard, read, seen or what not.

Sometimes parallels drawn between your work and that of another’s can hurt your credentials and make it easy for others to label it as a copy. Other times it goes on anyway.

It’s the battle of the original and the duplicate:

Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

Both sitcoms enjoyed a long run on in the air but the ends of these series were the real difference and complete opposites with the Friends finale ranked #4 on highest-viewed finales in TV history and then there’s HIMYM’s which would get the top slot in disappointing viewers. Take a look at some of the similarities between the two:

  • Both groups of friends sit around all day at their favourite hang out and drink( be it coffee or beer), the only difference being that in Friends it’s a coffee house and in HIMYM it’s a bar.
  • Just like no one knows Chandler’s profession, no one knows Barney’s either.
  • While Joey is the suave ladies man on Friends, Barney is HIMYM’s more exaggerated and far-fetched equivalent who borders on sociopathic womanising pig.
  • The will-they-or-won’t-they curiosity revolving around Ross and Rachel’s relationship is taken to a whole new level with Ted Mosby and Robin Sherbatsky, to the point where no one could take it seriously any more.

Who wins: Friends

Fifty Shades of Grey vs. Bared to You

Although both books are a travesty of their own in terms of story structure and plot, they are undeniably effective as the paperback equivalent of porno movies. However, the two books seem quite similar and Sylvia Day, the author of Bared to You even thanked E.L James for creating a market for erotic novels today. No wonder they’re so similar:

  • Both female protagonists, Anastasia and Eva, cannot stop describing how gorgeous their male counterpart is, then get frustrated that they are so smitten but once again start describing the man like a Greek god.
  • Both supposed Greek gods, Christian and Gideon, are wealthy beyond belief, head their own powerful companies and strut around like boy toys in Armani suits, oozing sex appeal.
  • Eva and Ana have attractive room mates except Eva’s is her bisexual friend Cary.
  • Sex, sex, sex. So much of it that it seems unappealing and blase once the same descriptions are overused every few pages.

Who wins: Fifty Shades of Grey

Who’s the Boss vs. Melissa and Joey

This is by far the worst of the lot. These two shows are decades apart but the similarities are so blatant that it can’t be helped!

  • A successful woman hires a male housekeeper/nanny. How often does that happen? Apparently twice on TV sitcoms. Angela Bower, an ad exec, hires Tony Macelli as her housekeeper while council woman Mel Burke hires unemployed Joe Longo as a nanny.
  • There’s subtle chemistry between Tony and Angela the way it exists between Mel and Joe.
  • There are two kids in the middle of this weird living situation. In Who’s the Boss they’re Angela’s son and Tony’s daughter while in Melissa and Joey the children are Mel’s nephew and niece.

Who wins: Who’s the Boss

Study at Hogwarts NOW!

Schools and colleges will soon be done for the year but Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is keeping the magic live this summer online at http://www.hogwartsishere.com, created and run by fans!

From fiction to virtual reality, Harry Potter fans can now enrol at Hogwarts, purchase their textbooks at Diagon Alley and take their favourite courses like Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions- all at the click of their mouse!

Transforming fans to fellow Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs, this virtual experience has been created by the fandom, some very dedicated fans taking it up themselves to design course plans and enact as subject professors at the academy.

Excited about the concept, Anne says, “It’s every HP fan’s dream to attend Hogwarts and the fact that the site is run by fans makes it better since they understand how important it is to Potterheads!”

Each first year course is spread out over 9 weeks and if you thought it was all fun and games like Pottermore, think again! College student Jake voiced his opinion saying, “ I was expecting Harry Potter trivia when I discovered the site but found, surprisingly, very-serious-about-their-jobs professors and really detailed magical text books to study from. I feel like I’m taking an online course and it’s fantastic!” Hogwartsishere.com is very serious about academics with each lesson being accompanied by quizzes, essays and exams and the better you do, the more points you score, not to mention the galleons that’ll be deposited into your Gringotts vault based on your academic performance!

While registering online you do have the option to choose your house as it appears that the Sorting Hat is out of sorts about the online experience. Gryffindor has been the most popular choice of course but if you want to know which house you’re truly meant to be in, try taking this Sorting Quiz that sorts you based on your personality here: http://www.personalitylab.org/tests/ccq_hogwarts.htm

Once you’re done enrolling, an owl will promptly deliver your acceptance letter and voila! You’re an official student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!