Game Review- Plumber Crack

Developer: Fluik

Rating: 5 Stars

If you like big butts and you cannot lie, then this gaming app is for you! The aim of the game is to throw as many ice cubes(you can upgrade to peanuts, quarters or bouncy balls) into the plumber’s butt crack as possible. Simple yet oh so addictive.

There are a variety of options to choose from including who your unfortunate plumber is: Norm or Betty. Norm is wider so the chances of landing your missile and scoring points is higher while Betty is more petite but certainly challenging. The more ice cubes you land perfectly, the more money you get and this is how you can accumulate Crack Bucks. Using this currency, you can customise your plumber (my friend funnily enough gave Norm a tramp stamp which is  distracting whenever I play).


I’d certainly recommend playing this game so go ahead and download it!

Day 13: A song that reminds you of a former friend

It’s sad that you lose touch with some people, how easy it is to be distant once the right amount of miles are placed between you and unfortunately, it is inevitable when you move away. After high school, very few of my friends have kept in touch, and I’m not talking about on Snapchat or Facebook but the real hearty phone calls where you actually talk about what’s going on in your lives. I miss quite a few stupidly weird people from those days when I had to worry about getting into college and test results. But I remember graduating with them and we all had this amazing feeling like we were just at the beginning of something great. And we were.

So this is dedicated to all those people I’ve lost touch with but haven’t forgotten:

Finders, Keepers? Yes indeed.

I suppose the question of an active or inactive conscience is at hand when you discover a valuable item while walking on the beach. Do you keep it? Do you leave it there or do you try to find the owner and return it to them? So many plaguing questions as you stare down at the rolex or antique pearl set in your hands, am I right?

Well thankfully, the hypothetical beach I’m strolling on happens to be that of Indira Point, Great Nicobar Island where believe it or not, incredibly useful items just wash up on shore begging for a treasure hunt among the natives. From bottle of Saki to those of shampoo, it’s like a free for all and whoever finds it, keeps it.

You may be wondering right about now how such a thing could occur or if I’m using an overactive imagination to spin this tale but it’s actually true. You see, the sea of Great Nicobar is heavily travelled and many ships pass through this trade route along Mumbai and Penang, many exported and imported items falling overboard quite carelessly but useful to those living in Great Nicobar.

Foreign items from all over the world like Malaysia, Japan, France, Sweden and England come to them for free. So if I found anything I liked on this beach, I’d keep it. After all, it may be the one beach in the entire world, where you don’t have to worry about whether it’s right or wrong. It’s a gift from the world so take it 🙂

The Psychology of Fandoms

Potterheads, Lovatics, Beliebers, Directioners, Smilers, Sheerios, you name it, almost everyone is in some fandom or the other. While it can become obsessive and consume a huge chunk of time in a teenagers day, what most of us forget is that there are more positives to it than we think.

So why do we like being in fandoms? Is it just looks and media exposure? Take a look:

Para-social relationships can be good for you

Essentially the relationship between fans and their idol is one-sided and these are called para-social relationships and they can often boost self-esteem of teens, especially for those with low self esteem. For children, it helps in the formation of identification. They can also drive away feelings of loneliness and rejection.

Extended family-like social interaction 

When you’re in a fandom, you have a family-like group world wide to interact with via social media which is good for confidence and promotes a feeling of belongingness which is one of the essential human needs according to Maslow, a humanistic pyschologist. Although there are chances of facing cyber-bullying, let’s face it, as social beings, we all strive to belong and feel connected. Fans really make the fandom more than anyone else.

Promotion of fantasy and day dreaming

There seems to be such a negative connotation to fantasising but studies show that so long as it is within reasonable limits and doesn’t interfere with your life, it is in fact healthy. I mean, we’ve all got our fantasies about becoming a rock star or meeting our favourite rock star and it can certainly be a good way to pass the time and give your imagination a run for its money.

Getting the creative juices flowing

In each fandom, there are those creative fans who draw, edit images, make gifs and videos, run blogs dedicated to their fandom which makes it all the better. Inspired fan fiction is written and it can open young people to a whole new world in terms of their own talent.

So it’s really not all bad, is it? I don’t think so.