Day 1: A Song from your Childhood

To this day I still love Toy Story and I remember how special it was to watch it for the first time when I was a kid, running around shouting, “To infinity and beyond!” even though I loved Woody over Buzz.

More importantly, the theme song ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ is fantastic, a real feel-good tune reassuring one and all that there’s a great life to be lived as long as you’ve got the right company along for the ride.

In the age where everyone I know seems to value relationships and the notion of love, I think friendships are more special. Your friends will certainly be around longer than a crush and sometimes the best relationships start out as friendships.

I’ve got some great and especially weird friends who I wouldn’t trade in for anything. It took me a while but I’m glad I found them.

And if anyone needs it, I’ll be the Woody to your Buzz 🙂

No Apologies

When you say guilty pleasures I can think of quite a few…

Lately I’ve been eating my feelings, seeking comfort food to fix everything that’s wrong. And man, does it feel amazing.

I don’t know why it’s stigmatized as a terrible habit because as far as I can tell you, it sure helps when you’re bummed out about work or down about the tedium of college classes which I’m prone to experience now and again.

This summer, I had an internship which was quite stressful and discouraging some of the time. Occasionally, the highlight of my day was dreaming about what I was going to eat after work. It was usually an order at Pizza Hut or McDonald’s, sometimes at Taco Bell. I’ve honestly never eaten so much junk food in the span of a month. I guess I became quite the stress eater.

There’s a little psych theory that explains this occurrence. When children are  upset, their parents seek to appease them with ice cream or other forms of comfort food-essentially junk. When they later become adults, the same pattern of eating is followed because through a process called classical conditioning, they associate feelings of comfort and contentment with food.

I’m one of those people!

While I should be worrying about fat content and calorie counts, I honestly don’t care about nutrition facts at this point (not that I’m a terribly unhealthy eater, in fact I’m as skinny as a stick so some would say I need to eat like this all the time).

So no apologies here!