Learning Styles

types of learners
What type of learner are you?

You must have noticed in school or in college that everyone has their own style of learning.

Now, most people do not fall under one specific type; they are usually a cross between two or three and the dynamics of each style interact effectively to enable learning in a way that suits the individual best.

The 4 most important styles of learning are:

Visual Learners

visual learners

Auditory Learners

auditory learner

Kinesthetic Learners

kinesthetic learners

Read/Write Learners

There are some who learn better by writing notes while reading or reproducing the text after studying in order to study and memorise the text.

Having participated in a small  program where my high school psychology class was taught how to teach those with learning disabilities, I know the importance of recognizing one’s own style but the most effective learning technique is that of teaching others. Tutoring and participating in study groups help in reinforcing learned information. After all, to teach, you must learn twice.

Now, learning styles are not only useful to students in the midst of revision but also to educators who may insist that there is only one way to learn and impose this upon students, thinking they know best. Teachers can utilize this information to make their classes and lectures more appealing to different types of learners. Exams also ought to cater to these different styles.

Soft Kitty, Sleepy Kitty

Soft Kitty, Sleepy Kitty

One day I found this little sleepy head stretched out on a pile of books at a magazine shop on Church Street, off Brigade Road, Bangalore. If you’re ever on this street pop in to the Magazine Store and pay a visit to this beauty and her other feline friends that roam around like they own the place!

Published Newspaper Articles!

Hi guys!

I finished a newspaper internship this summer and I’m so excited to post the links to the articles I’ve gotten published. Please spare a second to check them out 🙂

An article on a gay rights play

gay rights article

An article on World Earth Day awareness

An article on the stress of exams on students and parents alike

(This was co-written with a great friend of mine!)

parent article


*I’d like to dedicate all this to my dad who always supported my writing since I was a kid. I actually teared up when my first article was published.