Music Maketh the Film/Show

The movies and TV shows we watch would be nothing without the music featured in them. Music adds so much to the visual medium, invoking emotions in the audience that would otherwise have been inaccessible to us. I relate so much more to the movie because of the soundtrack and vice versa. Besides, it makes the film and music so much more memorable when you associate the two so quickly. Once, I was sitting in the cafeteria at college with music playing on the speakers in a loop and suddenly the Dark Knight soundtrack starts playing and I nearly jump out of my seat when I recognize where I’d heard it before ( I go insane if I recognize a song and can’t remember it’s name and then get extremely psyched when I do remember).

I adore the Disney soundtracks (particularly Pocahontas and Aladdin) and those of the Harry Potter series. Some of my favourite composers are Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Alan Menken and Alexandre Desplat. I don’t know what if my favourite films would have been as wondeful without them so I thought I’d write about the music that made movies what they are.

Anyway, this post could go on and on if I typed out every single score and OST I loved though so I’ll stick to the ones I’ve recently been listening a lot to.


This is my favourite movie of all time, more so because of Hans Zimmer’s music. I love the booming effect of it and how it gets you so invested in the film. I can easily imagine playing Mombassa on my iPod and getting into the chase scene zone when I’m running late for my early morning classes! I’ve watched the movie enough times to remember which song plays in which scene(s).

Fifty Shades of Grey

This was an atrocious movie but then again, it’s based off an atrociously written book so what can you expect? Well, I didn’t expect a great soundtrack but that’s what we got. The music was the only thing that made the film less painful (more painful than the BDSM the books revolve around) to watch. One of my favourite tracks is One Last Night by Vaults and the Beyonce tracks.



Although it’s not an official OST, the opening and ending themes of this anime are one of the best. Even those who despise the show have to admit that the music is spot on. I can safely say that I love 95% of this anime’s music. Besides, if you’re a fan of the anime, you’ll love these songs even more in how well they go with the show. These are the opening and ending themes I loved:

Screenshot 2015-05-30 09.54.08

Photography Challenge Day 26- I Can’t Live Without


“Splatter your soul with the paint I hold, take a brush and smear it across your skin. The stains will soon set in. Wash and scrub, till it cracks and bleeds, it’s part of you now. You can’t uproot it like weeds.”

Give me a paint brush and I’ll show you something new you never knew.

Anime Please

So I’ve watched every little bit of InuYasha this KagoMay and am in dire need of more anime to watch! I suppose I’m a bit hungover on the series (the feels hit hard). I’ve already seen Death Note and am primarily interested in shounen (Sadly an old friend who loves anime watches mostly shoujo and gave me all of it so I’m set in terms of that).

I’ve got a list of anime I plan to watch but would love to add to it, so if you’ve got suggestions I’d love to hear them.

  • A Certain Magical Index
  • Soul Eater
  • Attack on Titan
  • Kill la kill
  • Pandora Hearts
  • One Piece
  • Future Diary
  • Berserk
  • Claymore
  • Darker than Black
  • Fate/Zero
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Kyoukai no Rinne

Manga suggestions also welcome! Help a girl out!

Art Journal- Estro


estro (n)- inspiration, enthusiasm and passion for art

Estro is in the soul and it fuels the quickest way of getting lost in something utterly and completely your own. Estro is what makes it therapeutic and soothing and exciting and catastrophic all at once.

Sometimes it makes my mind fire like a hundred neuron chain-reaction, visualising so many things, leading to a 3 am burst of energy to realise it all. It takes a lot not to nod off once that energy is burned but it’s worth it to look at your creation.

Ever since I was a child, I loved drawing ( or scribbling nonsensical lines on a sheet of paper. I’d show my mom my abstract masterpiece and was arrogant enough to snap that she was looking at it upside down.)

This month, I finally started an art journal, something I’ve never attempted before. I had a fancy looking notebook at home, one that I was saving for something worthy of its pages and thought it might serve as an art journal. Using multi-media and a plethora of art supplies, it’s been interesting picking out what to art journal and how the whole thing will turn out.

Art journalling has been a great way of looking at things differently, capturing insignificant things in a significant way.

The Mental Health Diaries- Natural Treatment

Interning over the summer at a neuropsychiatric hospital was an eye-opening experience but there was one thing I found disappointing and that’s the fact that doctors jump right to prescription drugs as a treatment plan for mental illnesses where therapy is more important or just as important for mental illness or addiction. An ADS (Alcohol Dependence Syndrome) patient had been prescribed medication when he drinks excessively and therapy wasn’t even considered.

Therapy and natural treatments such as changes in lifestyle and diet can be very helpful alongside medication and should not be written off. All of this inspired me to draw some sketches of natural treatment methods for some of the common cases I encountered at the hospital, namely depression and anxiety( not the disorder).

IMG_0374 IMG_0375

I was glad at the opportunity to combine my love for drawing with my interest in psychology and I hope those in need find these useful. I guarantee I did my research before making these.




Hope everyone stays healthy and happy :)

What’s in a name?


When I was in the process of setting up my WordPress account, I didn’t hesitate much with the name. It had been sitting on the tip of my tongue for months ahead of the decision to start a blog. The Misfits Closet.

Initially I just thought the words had a nice ring to them. But as I’ve been blogging, tending to this garden of miscellany, the name holds more than just that. It’s meaning also grew to be something else.

Stemming from the island of misfit toys, I remember thinking that it’s nice to have a place for things you don’t otherwise have a place for. Just picture a closet full of clothes that no longer fit, but still have value whether it’s fiscal or emotional. Things that wouldn’t have any use in your day to day life but were treasured all the same. How many old sweaters have you got in the back of those shelves? Well, I’ve got a lot. And I want them all in one place. I’m a compartmentalist that way.

Correlating the misfit clothes to miscellaneous threads of writing and sketches in the back of my notebooks, I designed this blog to be a place for anything and everything I can think of. That’s why I may have a variety of categories here but I never categorised my blog as anything. It’s that nice little closet space for the old misfit clothes, the musings I want to get out there. It’s welcoming. More importantly, it’s perpetually open.

Which I’m glad for. I don’t even want to think what it could have otherwise turned out to be.

4 out of 5 dentists recommend this blog :)


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