Sundays playing tourist…

The day felt like peppermint tea and poetry written by a recluse poet as the sky purpled with hints of grey at the edges of frayed clouds.


The days of playing pretend were supposedly over twelve years ago but playing tourist in a city you’ve been living in for the past three years can be an invigorating adventure, rediscovering the old haunts and some new places you’d been postponing to visit for ever so long.







In some majestic buildings justice is served and we can only hope that the deliverers are as upright-morally- as those tall structures.


p.s Photographs of tree from down below, with the sun glinting through the branches, are some of favourites. Here’s one.


p.p.s It’s fun to explore and just wander. Do it on a Sunday.


To new beginnings in familiar places…what goes around comes around.

7th June, 2016: We wheeled ourselves into a haphazard circle on a sunny afternoon in the midst of reddish dirt and wisps of dried grass. The breeze swept carefully tucked hair and long dresses up ever so slightly, teasing us all, playful. We turned like a merry-go-round in third gear, a carousel of chit chat about us. There’s just something about small talk, especially when it no longer feels so small…

8th June, 2016: Old faces in new places have made me feel somewhat dizzy, a retrospect looming. I’m beginning  to feel like the world is a little pocket, occasionally stuffed with the old acquaintance or childhood friend who once played pretend with me, scribbling with crayons just outside the box. Coincidences are funny and it’s quite a jest to welcome, even if it’s met with some old-fashioned and long learned apprehension.

9th June, 2016: An unconventional end befell my collection of books stored away in boxes 575 kilometers away, in the form of insects with an unfortunate appetite for moist pages…dampened by the careless faucet left leaking in the upstairs flat,water dripping its way down the cracked cement. Sometimes it’s better to forget rather than be maudlin and so I’ve taken to technology for my reading, an artifice in its screen and font adjustments, replacing the paperbacks and hardcovers. Although it warmed up to me, I think I like to romanticize the past and the people boxed away in it, love them as I do.

10th June, 2016: The sound of clanging forks and chit chat is the perfect backdrop for a bit of light reading, as a cup of tea sits upon the table. The breeze is dotted with drizzle as the finished paper cup threatens to totter over just shy of the large windows. Perfect weather can make for less of a dull time, ticking away in an otherwise unoccupied hour here and now. A recipe for renewal.

11th June, 2016: Thumbing pages of books and notepads has become second nature, a tell tale sign of my mind wandering. A friend asked me if it calmed me down but quite the contrary, I think it makes me feel all the more elated, alive with ideas and quaint possibilities.

Stained Glass Summers

I had a lovely summer, finally with some free time and I graduated from college, so I’d chalk that up to a good time.

Church Street milling with people mid day is where I found myself, disappearing into the throng, walking with no place to go until I met a friend and we sat ourselves down to catch up on everything we’d been missing, long been kept from enjoying time off, no pressing deadlines or harried hellos and goodbyes. We’d been through some hell of a ringer and came out clean on the other side. And in that late afternoon, we sat outside a cafe, smelling of cinammon in the air. The smell of nicotine intermingled as we sucked on pale white cigarettes, vestiges of lipstick with names like wine festival and bold crimson caressing the tips. And I remember thinking, summer smells so sweet.

2016-06-09 22.56.55

 Light filtered through kaleidoscope tinted sky lights, and the light buzz of beer was coloured with reds, blues and bright yellows. Behind me were little wooden houses, brightly painted and in rows perched on shelves lined till the ceiling where the colours of the stained glass danced upon them as if for tiny little people. And on many occasions, we all feel tinier than we are but with a couple of beers in hand and bowling drunkenly afterwards, the brightly coloured bowling balls sloping ever always to the right, we could not have felt any bigger than at that very moment.

2016-06-09 22.57.26

Trees blooming with pink flowers are such a sight to see and one of my favourites, even when a tram is zipping me by so fast I couldn’t hold on to take a picture fast enough. Thankfully I did. And with a lake spread out before my eyes and fishermen waiting for the long haul not too far away, I felt like a tiny dot among the crowd, in a way that made me realize we’re all trying and we’re all okay.

Playlist- I open at the close.

Some of the songs I’ve been listening to lately…

  • The Call by Regina Spektor
  • Down the Line by Julia and the Doogans
  • Renegades by X Ambassadors
  • Dreams by The Cranberries
  • Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
  • Unsteady (Erich Lee Gravity Remix) by X Ambassadors
  • Us by Regina Spektor
  • The Sound by The 1975
  • Nighlight by Silversun Pickups
  • Not Today by The Imagine Dragons
  • For Your Love by Josh Record

p.s I adore Regina Spektor, X Ambassadors and Julia and the Doogans. Please check them out:)

p.p.s Me Before You has a wonderful OST


We are enough.


We swallowed the pangs of that knotted feeling,

the aubergine of doubt tainting our dreams.

It tasted sickly, like a cherry-flavoured expectorant

yet bitter like cold and flu pills

when they rested upon your tongue for much too long a time.

We were ill with discontent, ridden with the symptoms of

an unfortunate case of inadequacy.

A chronic condition of constantly qualifying, quantifying …

until we realized we were calculating infinite,

which, of course, is a crushing epiphany.

But once it passed, we felt it.


We are enough.



Art Journal- Movie I’d Love to Live

If I were to choose a movie that I’d like to live through, most definitely it would be You’ve Got Mail. Coffee shops, Christmas, snow, bookstores, New York and a romance full of banter, what could be better? I’d love to be Kathleen Kelly.


This has to be my favourite quote from the movie, from one of Joe Fox’s emails in the beginning…just the image of a bouquet of pencils is cute as a button:)

Paneer Tikka

In the effort to become a self sufficient adult who knows how to feed herself, I’ve started learning how to cook this summer and I have to say it’s a lot more fun than I thought it would be. Maybe just as good as eating the food.

Recently I learned how to make one of my favourite snacks, paneer tikka and was pleased that it turned out well (high five to self):)



Thoughts on The Flash’s “The Runaway Dinosaur”

*Little late because I’m down with the flu*

Okay, so “Rupture” was my absolute favourite episode of the second season along with the Earth 2 episodes, which heightened my expectations for what was to come next. This explains my slight disappointment with”The Runaway Dinosaur”. In my opinion, the episode seemed a lot like a filler, slowing the momentum that has been building over the past couple of episodes. This was my major reason for shaking my fists angrily as the episode unfolded, so my resistance to it has nothing to do with the story. In fact, it would have been perfect mid season or at a time when Barry’s struggle to come to terms with his mother’s death had greater relevance and precedence because it was difficult for me to accept that Barry was struggling with this when it had not been even remotely hinted at in the previous episodes.

Having said all that, this was one hell of an emotional roller coaster. While in the Speed Force, Barry is confronted with painful moments, ultimately reconciling them into loving memories, a transformation that showed just how in touch he is with his emotions. Grant Gustin did a spectacular job with this beat (he cries so naturally that I couldn’t help but cry with him, I mean come on, it breaks your heart.)

That wasn’t the only highlight. Iris was bad ass in this episode, which is a side to her we’ve been wanting to see more of. Her chemistry with everyone is brilliant to watch, especially Cisco (No, you get behind me!). Taking charge with the Girder situation and stepping up to get Barry back from within the Speed Force, she was finally given some good material to work with and  I loved it. Plus, I think I may have a girl crush on Candice Patton.

And we got some more Westallen and I could not be happier (I ship it hard because I never bought the whole sibling-best friend dynamic that the writers kept forcing on us). That scene at Nora’s grave was wonderful in its containment of Barry and Iris’ feelings by ending with a hug rather than a kiss (so  glad there wasn’t a kiss because that would have been so disrespectful given where they were, in my opinion). Barry’s confession was everything (haha), and don’t even get me started on Iris’ little gasp, clutching her chest before hugging him (inner fan girl squealing).


So excited to see the last two episodes!

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