Stitching up 2014

Many things made my year and while I can’t recount the good memories and interesting experiences (good and bad), I can certainly sum up all 365 days in the form of books, music, movies and TV shows.

books 2014

I re-read quite a lot of books this year and discovered some absolute gems. A Song of Ice and Fire is definitely going to dominate 2015 considering I received this for Christmas:


Music wise, I listened to a lot of new albums and felt nostalgic enough to repeatedly listen to songs I’d lost track of in my iTunes. I had quite the Hans Zimmer immersion, with the release of Interstellar reminding me to download scores from Inception as well. And for some reason, I went through a Fray phase in the later half of the year. They say it’s brilliant to discover a new tune but it’s even sweeter to rediscover one, wouldn’t you say?

Music collage1

It was a good year for movies and I may be saying that keeping purely Interstellar and PK (a Bollywood movie) in mind. Once again, I binge-watched Breaking Bad and find myself hoping that Reign will be renewed for more seasons.

Movies TV shows collage

Here’s to hoping next year will bring more and better.

2014 in review

This was a lovely way to review my first year of blogging. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, liked and commented, I truly appreciate it 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,500 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

What’s ‘Poetic’?

Is there something poetic

in the ‘you and I’s’ of Prufrock

His strolling of the subconscious

or how the Duke of Ferrara did

keep his Duchess under a painted lock

It’s the words and the words are all

Some words just sound poetic

Twining, page, ink and caress

But that doesn’t mean they’re

the only ones for poetry

Yet they’re used nonetheless

Words like window pane, leaves and grass

Melody, gold, trinket, beauty, soft

Pepper, sunlight, autumn, blush

Yes, these sorts of words

are used more than oft

But maybe I just want to write

a poem using words like asshole

burp, hiss and bitch

Because sometimes poetry needn’t be

poetic, just full of soul

(good or bad)

(good and bad)



I am 3 visits to the emergency room

1 set of wisdom teeth grown

39 times painted nails and toes

And a single bump upon my nose

2 broken bones and 1 bee sting

3 cities, 2 countries and continents

3 shy of 60 poems written

And 4 years of feeling smitten

832 weeks/192 months of schooling

And nearly 7300 days of dreaming

652 books or so I’ve read

Fast asleep with 4 pillows on a double bed

3 first class semesters at college

5 shots of vodka overboard

With 43 paper cuts since 1995

All reminders of being alive

I’m so much more than skin and bone

There’s infinite numbers

Multiply, divide, subtract or borrow

I add  up to 1313140

Little Food Puns

You can most certainly bake your cake and eat it too. ( Although if it’s delicious, you may be accused of greed but if it’s not much of a treat to the tongue, you’ll be thanked.)

It’s a donut shaped cake and I find it amusing to look at.

In my case I was accused of greed.

Pleased with my decent baking efforts.

The real question is not concerning the glass but…

Is the pizza half full or half finished?


 I choose to think half full yet I’m nagged that it is half finished. Because pizza is precious.

Equations of Modern Art

I decided to tinker around with more images and quotes during the holidays so here goes…

Background image: Tumblr

Treat that rose with love and care. It’ll be well worth it someday.

christmas lights
Background image: Mine

Wish they would shine through the year, god knows we could use the annual cheer.

comfort, disturbance and art
Background Image: Mine

Water colour sets and metaphors. Who would have thought?

modern artthe modern art equation

Background image: Mine Text: Tumblr

If modern art could be summed up in an equation. ( I sort of liked both and couldn’t decide.)








I fear you fear too much. And it frightens me more than anything else.


But once the fear fades, you can only go higher till your head hits the clouds 🙂

Other People

Becoming so accustomed to splitting bills

that prices in your mind are halves and thirds

Finding those who count the pages

till the next chapter, just drinking words

Party starting is always done best in threes

Maybe fours, but fives are a party on their own

At times other people can be far away but

It is other people who make you feel less alone

Photography Challenge Day 18- This Motivates Me


“I like to do things in bed. I fold the laundry on the bed. Food tastes better to me when I’m under the covers. Bed is the only place to read, the best place to talk on the phone.”

– Elizabeth Burg

This picture is of a makeshift bed on the floor because I wanted to sleep under the Christmas lights as if I were beneath the stars but the appeal of a cozy bed is all the same.

It’s certainly true that even the most tedious of tasks like assignments and studying are made that much manageable when sitting on the bed. I can’t think of a better place to rest my head while reading nor a better place for watching television, with sheets to cover my horrified face during scary movies.

A bed is very motivating and there are so many days where all I can think about is going home and collapsing upon it, wishing never to leave. And when it is time to leave, early in the morning, it is truly the most difficult thing to do.