Art Journal- Lyrical Lulls (Part 1)

Don’t you love those moments when you’re listening to a song and a certain lyric just sings out at you?

Art journalling is such a mindful and expressive process but the wonderful part is when you open a blank page and have an idea about what you want to paint but along the way, it turns into something else entirely, the synapses firing as watercolours drip and merge. I’d begun with the idea of painting the entire page but the way it shaped was far better by adding a lyric to a song I was listening to. This was my most in-the-moment art journal page.


Swallows, some tea and burnt edges gave me this…


IMG_0500 IMG_0501


The Importance of Illustrations proven by Harry Potter


Art and words blend so well and they are two of my favourite things. Now imagine how delighted I was to hear that the Harry Potter series is being treated to a glorious illustrated makeover from Jim Kay! Since Harry Potter started out as a children’s series, it only seems fitting.

With each book in the series’ illustrated edition being published every year, I have six more years of looking forward to these lovely editions.

If you’re one to crib about how the characters in the illustrations look different than the actors in the movies, this may not be your cup of tea. I’d read an article about how Jim Kay drew from real life inspiration, happening upon some children he thought he could base characters like Ron, Harry and Hermione. Kay has illustrated the characters and settings as he envisioned them which is delightful since they feel more true to the descriptions in the book particularly in the case of Ron.

HP Illustrated1

Of all the illustrations, my favourites were the ones containing glowing elements. I was immediately struck by how beautiful the ghosts were illustrated, like a streak of laser lights dancing across the room not to mention the unicorn in the Forbidden Forest  reminding me of a lighthouse in a dark sea.




Suffice to say I find the whole process fascinating! The attention to detail is inspiring and brings so much of the series to life.

Not only are illustrations ogle-worthy but it’s been known that they are useful in educating children. At a young age, a child tends to think in non-abstract terms and with the help of illustrations, his or her imagination can develop as well as help them associate words with objects and more complex actions with sentences.  They’re also important for capturing the attention of a child because of their visual appeal.




The Mental Health Diaries- Challenging Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is common to all of us be it at a certain point in our lives or characteristic of a particular mental illness such as an anxiety disorder and depression. It’s important to identify your negative thoughts and challenge them before they impact your life. While at my internship, I was reading about different questions we can use to counteract these negative thoughts and here they are some:

challenging negative thoughts 1challenging negative thoughts 2 challenging negative thoughts 3


Backgrounds: Tumblr and Google Images 

Questions: Edited by me 🙂