What’s ‘Poetic’?

Is there something poetic

in the ‘you and I’s’ of Prufrock

His strolling of the subconscious

or how the Duke of Ferrara did

keep his Duchess under a painted lock

It’s the words and the words are all

Some words just sound poetic

Twining, page, ink and caress

But that doesn’t mean they’re

the only ones for poetry

Yet they’re used nonetheless

Words like window pane, leaves and grass

Melody, gold, trinket, beauty, soft

Pepper, sunlight, autumn, blush

Yes, these sorts of words

are used more than oft

But maybe I just want to write

a poem using words like asshole

burp, hiss and bitch

Because sometimes poetry needn’t be

poetic, just full of soul

(good or bad)

(good and bad)


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