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Art Journal- Lyrical Lulls (Part 2)




Art Journal- Lyrical Lulls (Part 1)

Don’t you love those moments when you’re listening to a song and a certain lyric just sings out at you?

Art journalling is such a mindful and expressive process but the wonderful part is when you open a blank page and have an idea about what you want to paint but along the way, it turns into something else entirely, the synapses firing as watercolours drip and merge. I’d begun with the idea of painting the entire page but the way it shaped was far better by adding a lyric to a song I was listening to. This was my most in-the-moment art journal page.


Swallows, some tea and burnt edges gave me this…


IMG_0500 IMG_0501


Equations of Modern Art

I decided to tinker around with more images and quotes during the holidays so here goes…

Background image: Tumblr

Treat that rose with love and care. It’ll be well worth it someday.

christmas lights
Background image: Mine

Wish they would shine through the year, god knows we could use the annual cheer.

comfort, disturbance and art
Background Image: Mine

Water colour sets and metaphors. Who would have thought?

modern artthe modern art equation

Background image: Mine Text: Tumblr

If modern art could be summed up in an equation. ( I sort of liked both and couldn’t decide.)








I fear you fear too much. And it frightens me more than anything else.


But once the fear fades, you can only go higher till your head hits the clouds 🙂