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The Broken Art Series

“Take a broken heart and turn it into art.”

-Carrie Fisher

I don’t want to lie to myself, I feel absolutely terrible. Truth be told, I’ve been through a rough time and finally, I am out of a toxic relationship. After a little over a year, I realised how much I’d been lied to and more shockingly, how much I’d been lying to myself. Now I’m done with all of it, so here goes a series of chaotic and conflicted self expression posts. Hopefully, this proves to be cathartic because I’m unsure what else to do with all the anger I’m filled with.

I suppose this has been building all along.

Art Journal- A Statistical Semester

In school, mathematics was a nightmare of a subject for me, with the paranoia of miscalculation and scribbling away in rough columns incessantly. Not that I was terrible at it, but it felt terrible. I suppose I can chalk that up to my terrifying and mean math teachers. Who asks sixth grade kids to calculate their answer up to three digits anyway, right?

I never thought math would inspire me but statistics has changed my mind. Cutting out a few sheets of old notes and letting some free writing rein turned into a full two pages in the old art journal and it’s like mixing something I love with something I’m not too fond of.


In case the writing isn’t too clear, the free verse writing goes like this…

I did the math and I don’t count

Asymptotic is the curve and I lie within that unknown, incalculable area.

If outliers are not served by mean, median and mode, what good is it, you tell me?

For average is not an achievement but is represented for all its worth nonetheless.

I’m a standard deviate.

My values 0,1,2,25,61,72 cannot be roofed below a meager root

…cannot be reduced to a decimal approximation.

Because how can you count all the way up till infinity?

You can’t.

So I’m just a misrepresented out-of the box curve statistic

And that’s all right with me.

Your calculations never ceased to bore me anyway.

Keep counting away. Keep notching the tally.

I won’t be there.



My mind and my brain are forever at odds
Like finicky children sitting in the corner
Of a hideous room painted canary yellow.
While circadian rhythm dictates sleep
My thoughts are on the figures of a TV screen
Activating suprachiasmatic nuclei
the way a shot of vodka does my nerves.

Twenty five hours reduced to twenty four
but I could have used those extra sixty
minutes thinking about absolutely
And it would make a whole
lot of difference when the first hour
comes rolling around at the sound
of a muffled alarm
Rousing sleepy eyes…
But bright eyes.
Chances are the monotony
Will be infinitesiminally bearable.

I’ll take those odds any day.


3 days, 3 quotes Day 1

Hi so I was nominated for the 3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge by Jaisal (whose blog you should definitely check out btw) a while ago  and I’ve been slow on the promise to complete the challenge. Finally, I have resolved to begin!  The challenge is to post three quotes consecutively for three days so here goes day 1!

Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.

– Claude Monet


This quote is succinct and powerful, resonating with me as both an admirer of art and an artist herself.  Why complicate a beautiful thing? Just loving it is enough. I think that applies to life as well. I tend to introspect and overthink too much and sometimes it’s exhausting so this quote makes a lot of sense in those times.

Anyways, I’m a little lazy to nominate so anyone who reads this can be considered a nominee 🙂 Share your quotes with everyone, it’s fun!

Motivation for Kids

IMG_0382 IMG_0381


I drew these for my friend’s sister who teaches the first grade. It’s for her classroom! It was fun to draw these and reminded me of all the lovely colourful posters and things in class when I was a kid. As we grow older, our classrooms become more bland which I despise. This year at uni, I’ve been stuck in a room with a ceaseless noisy fan and cramped space so I guess I took all those nice and spacious rooms for granted 😦