I am 3 visits to the emergency room

1 set of wisdom teeth grown

39 times painted nails and toes

And a single bump upon my nose

2 broken bones and 1 bee sting

3 cities, 2 countries and continents

3 shy of 60 poems written

And 4 years of feeling smitten

832 weeks/192 months of schooling

And nearly 7300 days of dreaming

652 books or so I’ve read

Fast asleep with 4 pillows on a double bed

3 first class semesters at college

5 shots of vodka overboard

With 43 paper cuts since 1995

All reminders of being alive

I’m so much more than skin and bone

There’s infinite numbers

Multiply, divide, subtract or borrow

I add  up to 1313140


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