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Art Journal- My Other Half and Paris




While I daydream of Laduree, cobble stone streets and delectable macarons on a warm afternoon in class, the other half of me was left behind this morning, dozing in bed, perpetually asleep. I’m half here and half there but never truly anywhere. One half longs for Paris, the other for a warm blanket covering my tired bones as the rain washes my windows clean, because oh who am I kidding, when would I ever bother to do it myself?




I am 3 visits to the emergency room

1 set of wisdom teeth grown

39 times painted nails and toes

And a single bump upon my nose

2 broken bones and 1 bee sting

3 cities, 2 countries and continents

3 shy of 60 poems written

And 4 years of feeling smitten

832 weeks/192 months of schooling

And nearly 7300 days of dreaming

652 books or so I’ve read

Fast asleep with 4 pillows on a double bed

3 first class semesters at college

5 shots of vodka overboard

With 43 paper cuts since 1995

All reminders of being alive

I’m so much more than skin and bone

There’s infinite numbers

Multiply, divide, subtract or borrow

I add  up to 1313140

Photography Challenge Day 18- This Motivates Me


“I like to do things in bed. I fold the laundry on the bed. Food tastes better to me when I’m under the covers. Bed is the only place to read, the best place to talk on the phone.”

– Elizabeth Burg

This picture is of a makeshift bed on the floor because I wanted to sleep under the Christmas lights as if I were beneath the stars but the appeal of a cozy bed is all the same.

It’s certainly true that even the most tedious of tasks like assignments and studying are made that much manageable when sitting on the bed. I can’t think of a better place to rest my head while reading nor a better place for watching television, with sheets to cover my horrified face during scary movies.

A bed is very motivating and there are so many days where all I can think about is going home and collapsing upon it, wishing never to leave. And when it is time to leave, early in the morning, it is truly the most difficult thing to do.