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Ron Weasley, the Mistreated Character

As a little girl, I identified with Hermione, dressing up as her for Halloween for two years. I’d beam when people would tell me I look a lot like her (not Emma Watson but Hermione the character) because of my bushy hair (which I used to detest before the comparison). I still do identify with Hermione but now also with Ron which is why they are two of my favourite characters.

I cannot fathom the palpable hatred directed at Ron nor do I understand the unquestioning admiration Hermione seems to receive. I suppose it’s the movies’ fault. Both characters are well fleshed out in the books but less so in the film adaptations.

For a book reader, it is easy to see that the films have dissected Ron’s character, surgically removed his good traits and transplanted them into Hermione’s character which sadly, destroyed both of them, yet Ron more than Hermione in the end. While Hermione Granger is the shining epitome of perfection stood atop a pedestal, Ron is made to look like someone who is fit for nothing better than to clean said pedestal, which is infuriating. Why fix something that isn’t broken? (Yes, that question is directed at Kloves more than anyone else.)

The fact of the matter is that Ron was never meant to be a sidekick, only good for a few one-liners and comic relief. He was much more than that in the books. Yes, Ron is funny, but in the books we laugh with Ron while in the movies we laugh at him. He’s not the slap stick comedian we’ve seen on screen (and I mean no offense to Rupert Grint, he does so well with what little he’s given), he’s witty, subtle and sarcastic, one of my main reasons for liking him so much.

Not only this, but he is very real. He’s poor and has an inferiority complex, but also kind, observant and quite intelligent, though appearing dumb in the movies. (It would surprise people to know that he’s better than Harry in academics.) In the first film when entrapped by Devil’s Snare he is an absolute wreck while in the book he is reasonably still and tells Hermione to conjure up flames while Harry struggles more and more. In the second book, it was Harry who asked Moaning Myrtle insensitively how a throwing a book can hurt her it’d just go right through her while Ron was given that line in the films. Why? Because Ron was backed into the sidekick corner and left there.

Movie-viewers missed out on a wonderful transformation which is the saddest of all. His growth over the series is demonstrative of the fact that heroes can make mistakes and learn from them instead of being always in the right. The same boy who started off indifferent to elf rights became the boy who suggested to save the house elves when everyone else forgot, and gave his own clothes and socks for Dobby to be buried in. That is growth.

Besides, one of my main reasons for enjoying Harry Potter so much was Harry and Ron’s friendship. Yes, we all seem to debate over who Hermione should have ended up with but I was always here for Harry and Ron which, unfortunately, wasn’t well portrayed in the films. There’s a reason why Ron is the one person in the world Harry would miss most. He was his very first friend, the closest thing Harry had to family, never thinking twice to offer his room and food and everything he had to Harry, which was pretty much all he had.

Ron was the one, who was in blinding pain and stood up on his broken leg to fiercely defend his best friend from a serial killer in PoA.

“No, Harry!” Hermione gasped in a petrified whisper; Ron, however, spoke to Black.

“If you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to kill us, too!” he said fiercely, though the effort of standing up had drained him of still more colour, and he swayed slightly as he spoke.

Something flickered in Black’s shadowed eyes.

“Lie down, “ he said quietly to Ron. “You will damage that leg even more.”

“Did you hear me?” Ron said weakly, though he was clinging painfully to Harry to stay upright. “You’ll have to kill all three of us!”

(Infuriatingly, this entire line was given to Hermione while Ron was a blubbering mess in the background, while in the books Hermione is the one who was terrified.)

Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger

While many criticise Ron for leaving Harry and Hermione in DH, I think what is often overlooked is the gravity of his departure. Ron is loyal (his Patronus is a Jack-Russell terrier, for god’s sake) and this isn’t shown much in the films which is why it didn’t have the same impact. He is the one who always defends Harry and Hermione from other people.

In CoS, he is ready to kill Malfoy for wanting the Heir of Slytherin to attack Hermione.

“I’m quite surprised the Mudbloods haven’t all packed their bags by now,” Malfoy went on. “Bet you five Galleons the next one dies. Pity it wasn’t Granger…”

The bell rang at that moment, which was lucky; at Malfoy’s last words, Ron had leapt off his stool, and in the scramble to collect bags and books, his attempts to reach Malfoy went unnoticed.

“Let me at him,” Ron growled, as Harry and Dean hung onto his arms. “ I don’t care, I don’t need my wand, I’m going to kill him with my bare hands-”

Not to mention when he shouts at Snape, their scariest professor, in Hermione’s defense and gets detention (scrubbing bed pans) for it.

“That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger,” said Snape coolly. “Five more points from Gryffindor for being an insufferable know-it-all.”

Hermione went very red, put down he rhand and stared at the floor with her eyes full of tears….Ron, who told Hermione she was a know-it-all at least twice a week, said loudly, “You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?”

The class knew instantly he’d gone too far…

In the movies, after Snape snaps at Hermione, Ron just says “He’s got a point, you know.” which he would NEVER say. I think Ron would rather face a spider than agree with Snape.

These are just a few instances of how the movies have mucked up his character and slowly, as Ron fan, it kills you.

Book Ron is that friend who would defend you no matter what. To desert people whose side he’s unfailingly on shows just how the Horcrux impacted him. Ron wasn’t a spoiled brat or cowardly, he was dealing with his insecurities and as soon as he left, he said he wanted to come back. We often forget that we fight with our friends and some of them actually walk out on us, never to return but the ones that come back are true. And Ron is nothing if not a true friend. He’s the sort of person you want in your corner, always good to be around, even when not doing anything in particular.

Overall, I think the movies outstripped movie Ron of a lot of character points and this makes me feel bad for Rupert Grint who really likes the character he plays. He said it himself, “But, the truth is that Ron is my hero. He’s always there for his friends – sometimes belligerently, but there nevertheless. And no matter how scared he may be, he will put aside his fears to support and protect the people he loves. To me, that represents true courage.”

Too bad we never got to see him play the real Ron, it would have been fantastic.

(I have a lot more to say about this issue and I tend to rant a lot about book Ron vs. movie Ron but this pretty much sums it all up.)


A Very Harry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Everything about this December has been Harry Potter-centric and it couldn’t have been better for fangirl me.

Our class played Secret Santa and thankfully my elf/snowflake is a Potterhead, so I got to give her a Hogwarts acceptance letter which you can customize and print here (you’re welcome)! I’ve also made Marauders Maps (instructions here) and Hogwarts house bookmarks for a couple of people!




After a busy year, it’s been nice to sit and relax at home with a hot cup of cocoa, reading the illustrated copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I checked out the second and third book from the library so that’s a lot of re-reading to look forward to! Not to mention the movie marathon over the next couple of days 😀

So cheers everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all 🙂 May you stuff your face and have fun!


April 2015 Reading Round Up

Junk by Melvin Burgess

After reading Melvin Burgess’ Kill All Enemies I was interested to read more of his books. Junk was the title that clearly stood out. Skimming through Goodreads reviews, it sounded like the perfect read since my fascination is held by books of a controversial nature what with the drugs and teenage pregnancy. Besides it’s content, the fact that it’s UK YA had me sold. Junk is about two teenage runaways named Gemma and Tar who start a love affair with heroine while living on their own and with a few friends named Rob and Lily. The story is told from multiple characters points of view, in keeping with Burgess’ style and what I love about his books in the first place. The struggle with addiction feels real and investing to read in this way. One thing I’ll always remember from this book is when Lily is breastfeeding and still continued to take heroine, injecting the veins between her breasts. The description of the damage done to her other veins is good enough for drug abuse PSA. Junk is raw and unapologetic, though I must say I was waiting for even more serious consequences to befall the main characters, it still is an interesting read.

Verdict: It took me two days to read the book and that says it all. Grab a copy!

InuYasha Volumes 10- 24

Sango is one of my favourite characters in the series and I’ve always thought she and InuYasha are alike in demeanor so when they fight each other in the 10th volume, I found it interesting. Once the misunderstanding between the two of them is cleared up, she journeys with Kagome, InuYasha, Miroku and Shippo, the last to join the gang. Her emotional torment stems from the loss of her family and Naraku controlling her brother Kohaku. Apart from Sango, I was excited about Koga’s introduction and his recurrence across these volumes. Koga and InuYasha’s enmity is an interesting dynamic, always quipping with one another and fighting over Kagome. I like how they’re allies who refuse to admit it (or are in denial about the fact). The most interesting developments in these volumes is how InuYasha transforms into a full-fledged demon and loses all sense of reason, becoming a killing machine incapable of controlling himself. This leads to the discovery of why his father entrusted him with his sword Tetsusaiga. I enjoyed the little filler story arcs in these volumes like that of the monkey demons and Shippo’s love interest.

Verdict: These volumes delve deeper into the characters pasts and stories, peppered with the usual amount of action that makes it interesting.

*Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling

This is my favourite book of the series!  Check out my re-read post about it.

Verdict: Do I need to actually say it? READ!

* Re-Read Challenge

The Re-Read Challenge 2015

Re-Read Challenge

Ever since I landed up at university, I’ve been feeling nostalgic, wishing to be a kid who didn’t have a care in the world because somehow over the years as we grow older, we lose that luxury we had always been taking for granted.

The easiest way I know to feeling young and in awe of everything around me is by re-reading books that I associate this experience with. I want to re-venture into these books that once made me feel as if anything was possible and that fiction is a place you can always call home, even if it lies beyond a magical wardrobe or in a castle in the British countryside.

When I came to find out about the Re-Read Challenge from The Pretty Books I was immediately excited to take part, already having re-read quite a few books this year already. Now it’ll be a legitimate reason for doing so beyond my own self interest.

As a kid, I would want every book I could possibly think of even if I won’t re-read it. Why? Because I couldn’t stand the thought of not having it, just imagining it being carried away in a stranger’s arms. Now it’s time I look into my bookshelf and pick out a few good reads to enjoy all over again.

So sign up and write blog posts about your old favourites, answering these intriguing questions as you post:

WHEN I First Read
WHAT I Remember
WHY I Wanted to Re-Read
HOW I Felt After Re-Reading

WOULD I Re-Read Again


It’s not too hard is it? Well, maybe the hard part actually lies in choosing which among many books you would like to re-read in 2015. I thought of re-reading these books myself:

  • Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
  • The BFG
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • George’s Marvelous Medicine
  • Midnight for Charlie Bone
  • Because of Winn Dixie
  • Julius Caesar

I’ll probably come up with a longer list as the year stretches on and it’ll be an exciting year reading wise!

Magic Never Dies

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The Times said “J.K Rowling has woken up a whole generation to reading.” And this could not be any more true.

I find it difficult to imagine a childhood, any childhood for that matter, without this series. They would be replete and demotivated if a travesty like Harry Potter deprivation were to occur. Although the Harry Potter books were not among my initial reads as a child, they reassured me that reading is a habit that will pay in full…especially if you land on the right series. Because it is a gold mine sitting at the end of the rainbow, just waiting to be discovered.

There is more magic to the Harry Potter series than you would assume on reading it (although with Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and Quidditch, it may be difficult to imagine). There is something magical in itself how words can create worlds. How we grow with fictional characters, maturing and developing a special bond merging fantasy and reality.It’s amazing how magic can be found in pages and I am grateful to have been on the journey with Harry, Ron and Hermione along with countless other characters, like many others of my generation.

Years into the future, maybe if I’ve got little tykes running around the house, gasping for breath, in need of a break from their shenanigans, I hope they stumble into my library ( because I’m hoping that I’ll have a mansion with a room for just my books). I hope they’ll find one of my old copies of Harry Potter and they’ll spend some time reading them…

and reading them…

and reading them.

I hope they will grow up with these characters as I did (but if they’re not inclined to reading on their own, I may intervene and read to them before going to bed to ensure their dreams would be filled with pumpkin pasties and Hogsmeade trips, leaving the basilisk and Lord Voldemort to take a slot in their nightmares).

I am now re-reading the series almost ten years from when I picked up the very first book and there’s something ineffable about the experience of reading the same text as both a child and adult. One thing I have learned is that time passes but…magic never dies.

Spin offs just spin out of control

Lately spin offs have been enjoying success on the silver screen and I just have to say that I don’t really care for them. To me, spin offs, attempt to ride along the success of the original show and borrow from its success with the masses. It’s as if the network wants to expand without caring much about quality and that is exactly what I think whenever I hear about a new spin off soon to be aired.

My problem mainly lies in the fact that spin offs are rarely ever as good as the original show and this is mostly because they have large shoes to fill. I enjoyed watching The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars (both in their earlier seasons) but their spin offs The Originals and Ravenswood are disastrous to say the least. I loved Friends to death but Joey was average at best. I’m not even excited about the possibility of a Harry Potter spin off.

Perhaps the only spin off I might be excited about is Better Call Saul because I refuse to let go of the world of Breaking Bad. I’ve always thought that Breaking Bad benefited from the comedic criminal lawyer without his character’s presence diminishing the seriousness of the show. Now it would be nice to see the balance between comedy and drama on Better Call Saul, centering around Saul Goodman’s life before having met Walter White. I’m just waiting for this one to be aired but sadly I’ll have to do so until 2015!

An Open Letter to Potterheads


Dear Potterheads,

We’ve grown up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. We’ve gone to theatres and stood in line at midnight for tickets and copies of the books when they released. We’ve dressed up as the characters for Halloween (I’ve gone as Hermione) and pretended we went to Hogwarts with them. We had Harry Potter birthday cakes and themed parties because that was all the rage when we were seven years old.

Now, here I am at nineteen mourning the end of my favourite series of all time. Sometimes it just hits me that…it’s over. There will be no more books and movies. There may be spin offs surfacing but I won’t love it like the original, of that I’m sure. But one thing I am sure of is that we, the Potterheads, will remain. We’re just as much a part of Harry Potter as Harry Potter is of us. To us, Harry and his friends are immortal. Each one of them has taught us something different. Worth more than a school education, that’s for sure.

We have Harry who taught us to be brave and value our loved ones then Ron who taught us how to laugh and to be loyal. Hermione taught us that intelligence is endearing and Luna taught us that it’s okay to be different. Malfoy taught us that somehow we can fight the pressure to do wrong, that we don’t have to be what people expect us to be. He’s a moral standpoint. Dumbledore taught us not to judge a book by it’s cover and that silver beards that flow to the ground are wicked cool. And Hagrid taught us that it’s okay to bring home dragon eggs from strangers except that it’ll be a whole lot of trouble. But I think Hagrid would definitely say that it’s worth it.

One day younger generations will pick up a copy and read it. For them it will be a classic and we can proudly say we were there for it all.

We lived it and we loved it.


one among you

p.s I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

I decided to write to one fandom instead of one person for this one 🙂


Book a Day (Days 11-15)

Day 11: Secondhand bookshop gem

I initially bought An Evil Cradling from a book hawker and then it was sadly(and to my outrage) confiscated during a seminar in my uni auditorium. I did not get it back and I was  fascinated with the book and the style in which it was written in for the author is an Irish literature professor so you could see numerous lit references in the narrative. That is why I went ahead and bought it at a secondhand book shop, because I had to read it. And I’m glad I persevered in this regard.


p.s The rotten teacher who’d confiscated it was a monster. To steal someone’s book is to steal someone’s soul!

Day 12: I pretend to have read it

I had The Importance of Being Earnest for my literature paper last year but never actually read the play, instead sufficing with the movie and some Cliff notes summaries. Yes, I know, I committed a terrible crime in the study of literature but I really did not like the play whatsoever and if that makes me uncultured then so be it.

Day 13: Makes me laugh

Although technically they aren’t considered ‘book’ books, they are still comic books so I must say the Archie comics. I especially love the Betty and Veronica ones!

Day 14: An old favourite

I have a few favourites from the same author, Kate DiCamillo and they are The Tiger Rising and The Tale of Despereaux. I’ve always admired her ability to tell a story in as little words as possible, leaving the reader to think and feel about the book for days and weeks and months and years to come. Her use of different points of views in The Tale of Despereaux deserves a big round of applause.


Day 15: Favourite fictional father

This must go to Mr. Weasley from Harry Potter. His fascination with Muggle contraptions and tinkering about behind Mrs. Weasley’s back brought about the flying car with the invisibility booster! He’s so endearing and such a warm father!