The Re-read Challenge: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

When I first read

I hadn’t been in on Harry Potter from the get go, only having jumped on the band wagon after the first three books were published so the Goblet of Fire was the first of the series that I had to wait for in agonising anticipation and boy was it worth it. I devoured the book in less than four days and was already itching for more.

What I remember

With the first three Harry Potter books  I was completely familiar with Hogwarts but the Goblet of Fire expanded the world of magic from just Hogwarts to an international world cup and to the introduction of other magical academies like Beauxbatons and Durmstrang through the Triwizard Tournament. The Quidditch World Cup was an exciting start to a game changing book in the series. Not only does the magical world seem more concrete but it also seems more dangerous because of the ominous emergence of Death Eaters and the return of Voldemort. That was why I found the fourth book so intriguing when I first read it!

Why I want To re read

As I’m re reading the entire Harry Potter series it’s inevitable but since the Goblet of Fire is one of my favourites I was eager to revisit it!

How I felt after re reading

The Triwizard Tournament is brilliant as far as I’m concerned. It’s such a a great way to break the tedium of the school year and read about so many new things and new characters like Mad Eye Moody.

Sirius is a great god-father and it’s nice to read about he and Harry keep in touch through out the year, finally a parent figure for Harry to confide in and look to for advice when he really needs it. Of course, what makes it even better is Dobby working at Hogwarts. His misunderstanding of how socks are not supposed to be matching is endearing and I love how Ron takes a liking to him as well, giving him his Christmas jumper.

I think Hermione’s efforts in securing wages and holidays for elves is underrated and needs more attention. She’s fighting for what she believes in and it’s admirable, though her determination is frequently met by road blocks. It’s a shame the movie didn’t bother to include this important side to Hermione’s character. She’d make a great lobbyist!

On the down side, I’ll always hate whenever any of these characters fight, particularly Harry and Ron. When Ron disbelieves that Harry put his name into the Goblet and gets jealous of all the attention Harry gets, it marks the worst fight they’ve had so far which leaves Hermione as a referee between the two of them.

Though they have a huge fight in the Goblet of Fire, I still think this is the book that highlights how important Harry’s friendship with Ron is to him. Though Hermione still talks to him during their spat, Harry himself says it’s not the same,  with much less laughter and much more library hours and books. Then when it comes to the second challenge, the most important person to Harry turns out unsurprisingly to be Ron.

Rita Skeeter’s trash about Hagrid being dangerous was what made me angry the most. Poor guy can’t catch a break even though he’s one the kindest character in the series.

While Skeeter is a right old hag who should mind her own business, as we all know, I confess myself disappointed (get it?) that Mrs. Weasley actually believe Hermione was two-timing Harry with Krum. I didn’t think she was that daft to believe such dribble considering she actually knows Hermione. It just highlighted that girls get the brunt of media attacks and people seem predisposed to falling for it.

The drama around the Yule Ball was Romione-centric more than anything else. Ron is a disaster when he sees Hermione with Krum which I feel was a a needed kick in his ego. Harry’s not any better since he’s just glum that Cho went with Cedric. Though I know where they’re coming from, it doesn’t justify how they treat Parvati and Padma at the ball. I’d be mad too if my date just sat around sulking while everyone’s having a good time.

On the lighter side, I have to say I was in splits at times while reading this book. I could not stop laughing when I read this sentence:

Snape stretched out his hands like a blind man and began to move up the stairs… (trying to find Harry wearing his Invisibility Cloak).

I guess I was having too much fun imagining Alan Rickman doing this on the stairs in the middle of the night 🙂

I also had to put the book down when reading about Dobby waking up Harry ten minutes before the second challenge and offering him the Gillyweed:

 Dobby cannot let Harry Potter lose his Wheezy!

How I love that Dobby calls Ron Harry Potter’s Wheezy. It’s just too good. And if you don’t laugh at that then I’m not sure I know what sort of sense of humour you’ve got. Just kidding.

I just love this book so much.

Would I re read again

Would Dobby help Harry no matter what?
The answer to both questions: Of course.


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