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We need to talk about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Dear J.K Rowling,

I sincerely enjoyed with every fibre of my being the series you created, so much so that it has defined me as a person today. I dressed up as Hermione for Halloween two years in a row, felt the crushing disappointment of having waited in line for copies of the books and tickets to the movies to no avail, re-read the series as a college student looking for a window to the past and I thank you for all of this and more. Having grown up in the Potter generation and proudly identifying as a Potterhead, my curiosity was piqued upon hearing about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, so I went out and bought a copy the day it was released. I regret to say that I wished I hadn’t. I need to tell you that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was an utter disappointment and I feel betrayed that this has even been performed on stage much less published.

This script cannot and should not be marketed as the eighth story in the Harry Potter series, and since it has been monstrously tagged as such, I feel the need to compare it to a gangrene infected foot that needs to be cut off in order to preserve the rest of the body i.e the original series. The Cursed Child seems like a parasitic invasion of  your wonderfully crafted  Wizarding World with your stamp of approval which makes your judgement highly questionable. It does nothing but pander to fan expectations, reading like author-approved fan fiction with co-authors pitching in. You’ve made your money and now Cursed Child is a further ploy to rake in extra cash from the fans who are easily susceptible to dish it out.

It’s a light read in the sense that I cannot for the life of me take it seriously and while I read it I couldn’t help but ponder over the poor trees that had to be felled in order for this to be printed. This parallels a  nicotine patch for smokers, anything Potter related is more than welcome especially after the number of years that have passed since the 7th book was released. But I want the damn cigarettes not the nauseating nicotine gum laced with cinnamon that is The Cursed Child. If I can’t have the real thing, I don’t want anything else.

It’s very obvious that you’re trying to keep Harry Potter relevant, what with all the new snippets of information regarding the series and new short stories via your Twitter feed and Pottermore, but the fact is it needs to be left alone. We never forgot, we’re all still at Hogwarts after all these years.


an outraged Ravenclaw

p.s Weasley is our king. You have successfully destroyed one of my favourite characters a.k.a Ron, having reduced him to nothing but mere comedic relief and filtering out all substance. You have created a character I love and utterly mistreated him, something I don’t quite know how to forgive. 

Also, dear reader this article is so relevant. Give it a read, if you agree with the above epistolary rant.


Art Journal- Wordworms

Sometimes, words find you and they are so pesky you can’t rid your mind of them. Wandering words…wordworms, if you will. From books and late nights on the internet, these are some that have tracked me down.






An Open Letter to Potterheads


Dear Potterheads,

We’ve grown up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. We’ve gone to theatres and stood in line at midnight for tickets and copies of the books when they released. We’ve dressed up as the characters for Halloween (I’ve gone as Hermione) and pretended we went to Hogwarts with them. We had Harry Potter birthday cakes and themed parties because that was all the rage when we were seven years old.

Now, here I am at nineteen mourning the end of my favourite series of all time. Sometimes it just hits me that…it’s over. There will be no more books and movies. There may be spin offs surfacing but I won’t love it like the original, of that I’m sure. But one thing I am sure of is that we, the Potterheads, will remain. We’re just as much a part of Harry Potter as Harry Potter is of us. To us, Harry and his friends are immortal. Each one of them has taught us something different. Worth more than a school education, that’s for sure.

We have Harry who taught us to be brave and value our loved ones then Ron who taught us how to laugh and to be loyal. Hermione taught us that intelligence is endearing and Luna taught us that it’s okay to be different. Malfoy taught us that somehow we can fight the pressure to do wrong, that we don’t have to be what people expect us to be. He’s a moral standpoint. Dumbledore taught us not to judge a book by it’s cover and that silver beards that flow to the ground are wicked cool. And Hagrid taught us that it’s okay to bring home dragon eggs from strangers except that it’ll be a whole lot of trouble. But I think Hagrid would definitely say that it’s worth it.

One day younger generations will pick up a copy and read it. For them it will be a classic and we can proudly say we were there for it all.

We lived it and we loved it.


one among you

p.s I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

I decided to write to one fandom instead of one person for this one 🙂


Study at Hogwarts NOW!

Schools and colleges will soon be done for the year but Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is keeping the magic live this summer online at http://www.hogwartsishere.com, created and run by fans!

From fiction to virtual reality, Harry Potter fans can now enrol at Hogwarts, purchase their textbooks at Diagon Alley and take their favourite courses like Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions- all at the click of their mouse!

Transforming fans to fellow Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs, this virtual experience has been created by the fandom, some very dedicated fans taking it up themselves to design course plans and enact as subject professors at the academy.

Excited about the concept, Anne says, “It’s every HP fan’s dream to attend Hogwarts and the fact that the site is run by fans makes it better since they understand how important it is to Potterheads!”

Each first year course is spread out over 9 weeks and if you thought it was all fun and games like Pottermore, think again! College student Jake voiced his opinion saying, “ I was expecting Harry Potter trivia when I discovered the site but found, surprisingly, very-serious-about-their-jobs professors and really detailed magical text books to study from. I feel like I’m taking an online course and it’s fantastic!” Hogwartsishere.com is very serious about academics with each lesson being accompanied by quizzes, essays and exams and the better you do, the more points you score, not to mention the galleons that’ll be deposited into your Gringotts vault based on your academic performance!

While registering online you do have the option to choose your house as it appears that the Sorting Hat is out of sorts about the online experience. Gryffindor has been the most popular choice of course but if you want to know which house you’re truly meant to be in, try taking this Sorting Quiz that sorts you based on your personality here: http://www.personalitylab.org/tests/ccq_hogwarts.htm

Once you’re done enrolling, an owl will promptly deliver your acceptance letter and voila! You’re an official student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!