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3 Covers that are Better than the Originals

When a song becomes a huge hit, it’s usually a big blaring pop hit that’s upbeat and danceable to as the Top 40 demonstrates most of the time.

While I enjoy those types of songs, what I really look forward to is finding covers of them, excited about what other musicians can do.

The 3 covers I’m suggesting are slower versions of the originals which is perhaps why they are so captivating on their own so here they are:

1. What Makes You Beautiful by the 1975 (originally by One Direction)

I know we’ve all heard the pop version on the radio or at the store, to the point where it became severely overplayed and annoying. If you thought no one would be able to revamp WMYB then think again, because that’s exactly what The 1975 have done with 1D’s hit. Who knew it could sound so beautiful and tragic?

2. Applause by Sam Tsui (originally by Lady Gaga)

Although Lady Gaga’s version is wonderful, it doesn’t compare to Sam Tsui’s cover. It’s haunting, mysterious and sounds like an impending tragedy is about to occur and ironically about applause from the crowd. The use of the violin really makes it stand out.


3. We Found Love by Boyce Avenue (originally by Rihanna)

I don’t really think there is a song that Boyce Avenue couldn’t cover but this by far has to be one of my favourite of theirs.


Enjoy! 🙂