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To new beginnings in familiar places…what goes around comes around.

7th June, 2016: We wheeled ourselves into a haphazard circle on a sunny afternoon in the midst of reddish dirt and wisps of dried grass. The breeze swept carefully tucked hair and long dresses up ever so slightly, teasing us all, playful. We turned like a merry-go-round in third gear, a carousel of chit chat about us. There’s just something about small talk, especially when it no longer feels so small…

8th June, 2016: Old faces in new places have made me feel somewhat dizzy, a retrospect looming. I’m beginning  to feel like the world is a little pocket, occasionally stuffed with the old acquaintance or childhood friend who once played pretend with me, scribbling with crayons just outside the box. Coincidences are funny and it’s quite a jest to welcome, even if it’s met with some old-fashioned and long learned apprehension.

9th June, 2016: An unconventional end befell my collection of books stored away in boxes 575 kilometers away, in the form of insects with an unfortunate appetite for moist pages…dampened by the careless faucet left leaking in the upstairs flat,water dripping its way down the cracked cement. Sometimes it’s better to forget rather than be maudlin and so I’ve taken to technology for my reading, an artifice in its screen and font adjustments, replacing the paperbacks and hardcovers. Although it warmed up to me, I think I like to romanticize the past and the people boxed away in it, love them as I do.

10th June, 2016: The sound of clanging forks and chit chat is the perfect backdrop for a bit of light reading, as a cup of tea sits upon the table. The breeze is dotted with drizzle as the finished paper cup threatens to totter over just shy of the large windows. Perfect weather can make for less of a dull time, ticking away in an otherwise unoccupied hour here and now. A recipe for renewal.

11th June, 2016: Thumbing pages of books and notepads has become second nature, a tell tale sign of my mind wandering. A friend asked me if it calmed me down but quite the contrary, I think it makes me feel all the more elated, alive with ideas and quaint possibilities.



I’ve read in books of God that keeping silent is the way one can become actualized, but to be quite honest, the sub-vocalization can be deafening in itself.  The irony lies in how my thoughts aren’t allowing me to hear myself think, sometimes because there simply is too much. I could use a server that reroutes them, lowering the volume to a whisper.




My mind and my brain are forever at odds
Like finicky children sitting in the corner
Of a hideous room painted canary yellow.
While circadian rhythm dictates sleep
My thoughts are on the figures of a TV screen
Activating suprachiasmatic nuclei
the way a shot of vodka does my nerves.

Twenty five hours reduced to twenty four
but I could have used those extra sixty
minutes thinking about absolutely
And it would make a whole
lot of difference when the first hour
comes rolling around at the sound
of a muffled alarm
Rousing sleepy eyes…
But bright eyes.
Chances are the monotony
Will be infinitesiminally bearable.

I’ll take those odds any day.


Thoughts on Game of Thrones: The Dance of Dragons

Warning: Spoilers and honest opinion ahead

Frankly, season 5 of GoT hasn’t been my favourite although that isn’t to say it hasn’t shocked me, especially episode 9. Here’s my take on it:

1. I am absolutely disinterested in Arya’s storyline this season, although there’s a blip in my curiosity now that Ser Meryn Trant has come to Bravos. Finally, I feel like she’s going to do something interesting.

2. Shireen’s death seemed to alert everyone to how cruel and sadistic Stannis can be but I always felt that was apparent. It wasn’t as if he suddenly started making fanatical religious sacrifices to the God of Light. He’d burned many before his daughter and killed his own brother in a dishonorable way( I really liked Renly). He’s wrapped around Melisandre’s twisted fingers and is willing to do anything to win besides actually fighting his battles and conquering. I don’t know why Stannis was ever the Mannis when all he ever did was sacrifice others to further his cause instead of dealing with it head on. Also, that glimmer of love he seemed to have for Shireen conflicts with his actions in ways I can’t seem to reconcile. Selyse surprised me too.

3. Why sacrifice another female character (Shireen) to further a male character’s development(Stannis)? It’s already been done this season with Sansa and Ramsey. Though Sansa’s rape wasn’t out of the ordinary what with all the rape and violence on GoT, it felt unnecessary. At this rate, I expect every female charcter to be brutalized at some point or the other. Come up with something else to cook up drama.

4. I feel terrible for Davos and wonder how he’ll react to Shireen’s death. Their relationship was one of the few heart warming one’s in this brutally cold TV show.

5. I was terrified that Jorah would die and for once, I was not made to mourn yet another of my favourite characters (they’re really dwindling now). But he’s still going to die of grayscale 😦

6. I feel disappointed that after such a great stint as Hand of the King and being a very interesting character, Tyrion has blanched this season into a gift being shipped across the sea, getting lost somewhere along the way but then finally reaching the recipient. Season 3 and 4 Tyrion was my favourite and I want him back. But I do like how he’s fighting a bit more. Go Tyrion.

7. Drogon and Dany flying off with Tyrion. Daario, Jorah and Mellisandei watching was a great way to end the show. It gave me goosebumps. Brilliant. (Although, Dany maybe you should give your friends a lift too?)

Free Style Writing: Knots

So I was nominated for some free style writing by https://inquisitivemindandstubbornheart.wordpress.com and it was just what I needed to kick writers block in the behind. I hadn’t written in a while and this was a fun way to get back at it. Here’s what my stream of consciousness spun:


The sound of the sea kissing the shore splayed in the air. My hands were chilled from the cold, hiding in my pockets as I made my way across the beach. It was a rare place, where the ocean and the cold met and mingled, but where no one else ever did. It had become my place of wandering, deserted and lonely but peaceful and if anything at all, I needed that.

Toes digging into the pastel tinged sand, I made my way towards a few rocks jutting out, cutting the sea with their sharp lines and crevices as if they were right angles dissecting a white page. Reminding me of the math homework laying piled up at home, I sighed. If x were a variable I could solve, I’d be having a much better time with it.

The numbers stood in neat little rows, separated by brackets and addition signs, which looked a language of its own. I just couldn’t speak it. Nor read. I was illiterate in an enforced tongue.

People, on the other hand, I was better with. They were complex and confusing which I liked because when you box things up neatly like a little question answer package in arithmetic, things seem too compartmentalised and rigid. People aren’t meant for that. We’re paradoxes, both logical and emotional; contradicting ourselves so many times we’ve all become knots in the ceaseless string of life.

Time: 9 minutes

Words: 236


1) Open an MS Word document (or any other editor)
2) Set a stop watch or your mobile of 5-10 minutes.
3) Your topic is at the foot of this post, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY WITH A TIMER.
4) Fill the word document with as much words as you want. Once you began writing do not stop.
5) Do not cheat by going back and correcting spellings and grammar with spell check (it is only meant for you reflect on your control on sensible thought flow)
6) You may or may not pay attention to punctuation and capitals.
7) At the end of your post write down the number of words
8) Do not forget to copy paste the entire passage on your blog post with a new topic.




Your topic is: Screen



I sometimes think I over-think about over-thinking.

It’s as if your mind is just bursting with thoughts, threatening to overflow like a tumbler in chemistry class full of a mysterious concoction. The past is never forgotten, worrying is incessant and the worst case scenario is always cemented in your mind. You make plans about making plans and sleep is an elusive heaven as your stream of thoughts refuse to shut off.

But over-thinking makes you cautious and careful which is necessary when you’re swimming with the sharks.

I suppose sometimes your mind can be your own enemy and also your greatest ally, all at once.


Gold-plated Leaves

Autumn is the season of colourful foliage and chilly weather but I think most of all it is nature’s greatest metaphor. Though leaves shall soon die and be crushed under foot, they nonetheless hold on to their array of shades and hues, until they can no longer just as we should in our most trying times.


Like autumn leaves, my thoughts

are stripped of their connect

to centrality, as a branch rots

without foliage, my mind suffers 

the same disconcertion, clots

with terrible, terrible loss.

These thoughts are left to fend,

feed and suffocate like gold-plated

leaves left to die, trying to mend

in a pile of crumbled dust. The gold

withers and then comes the end,

with it there is finality. No more, no less.


How to De-clutter Your Mind

I’ve got to study for a test…My cell phone bill is due…I have to write an assignment by Monday…I don’t have time to watch a movie anymore…My TV isn’t working so how do I watch Masterchef Australia?

There are a great deal of things that are on your mind and at times it can be very overwhelming. How do you make sense of it all and prevent it from affecting your work and leisure time? Compartmentalize, compartmentalize, compartmentalize.

Consider your mind a near-infinite storage space lacking an effective filter that segregates each and every one of your thoughts into positive, negative, relevant, irrelevant and so forth.

Although schemas are the base of organisation in cognition and thought, nothing is classified in a concrete manner and thus an influx of ideas and thoughts can sometimes muddle your clarity of mind just as an overflow of water can debilitate a dam.

The solution lies in streamlining everything on your mind and classifying them accordingly to relieve the stress of this cognitive overflow.

This is a simplified version of David Allen’s inbox-sorting procedure and once you follow the steps you’ll understand how it’s similar to sorting through your email inbox. Here are the 5 steps to clear your mind:

1. Take a piece of blank paper and go to a place where you can write peacefully without any distractions. Now, write down everything that’s on your mind. This is similar to stream of consciousness writing where you write continuously and go with the flow of your thoughts. Don’t worry about how many things you pen down because at times there will be a lot on your mind and other times very little. Just make sure to keep writing until nothing else comes to mind. Things to jot down include and is not limited to:

  • Unfinished tasks
  • Daydreams
  • Skills you want to develop
  • Things that stress you out
  • Interpersonal relationship problems
  • Things you want to learn
  • Bad habits you want to break
  • Trips you want to take

2. Now on a second piece of paper create three columns titled:

  • To be done
  • Maybe later
  • Delete

Sort each of your items from the other piece of paper into these three columns. Take care when categorizing the items because the more accurately you do, the more clear your mind will be by the time you finish the process.

3. Take all the items from the Delete column and send them off into space. You can do this in any way that fits you best. When I finish each exam, I tear up the subject syllabus and toss it into the trash, symbolizing its finality and the fact that I no longer needed to worry about it. If you want to just tear the Delete column and toss it into the trash or or shred it in a paper shredder. It’s up to you. Once you’re done, you’ll look at the other two columns with a new found sense of clarity to proceed further.

4. Transfer all the items on the Maybe Later column to a Maybe Later List that you can tuck away into a folder, somewhere where you can access it later after taking care of immediate items. You’ll have some peace of mind and comfort in knowing you can attend to these items later when you are ready without burdening yourself immediately.

5. Incorporate the items from the To Be Done column into an effective planning system. Do what works best for you. If you put the list on a fridge to remind yourself daily of what needs to be done, then do it. If you prefer using a daily planner or reminders on your phone to schedule things, then do it. Be organised and it will definitely help in the long run. You’ll be disintegrating major goals into sub goals and this motivates you to keep going. Soon, all the items on the list will be accomplished and you can move onto the Maybe Later List.

*This process could take a few hours if being done for the first time. Subsequent attempts take less time.