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Sundays playing tourist…

The day felt like peppermint tea and poetry written by a recluse poet as the sky purpled with hints of grey at the edges of frayed clouds.


The days of playing pretend were supposedly over twelve years ago but playing tourist in a city you’ve been living in for the past three years can be an invigorating adventure, rediscovering the old haunts and some new places you’d been postponing to visit for ever so long.







In some majestic buildings justice is served and we can only hope that the deliverers are as upright-morally- as those tall structures.


p.s Photographs of tree from down below, with the sun glinting through the branches, are some of favourites. Here’s one.


p.p.s It’s fun to explore and just wander. Do it on a Sunday.


Day 10: Streets

Prompt: Write a poem that employs a rhyme scheme.

There’s details and then there’s beauty. The two are not necessarily intertwined. Inspired by a pretty picture, comes the not so pretty details ensconced in the scene. Maybe that can be beautiful…

Niall Horan’s Instagram


Scuffling shoes, soles petting the pavement

Loose change, to the ground coins skitter

White paint, spilled in lines down a crossing

Foil and crumbs, wrappers gifted below as litter

Foul filth, vomit and spit smeared on the sidewalk

Drunken piss, perfumed scent of the alley

Graffiti, spray paint seeping into brick walls

Scratched lines, a homeless man’s daily tally

Dusty cars, parked lazily in the lot

Chewing gum, cemented like dots of colour

Shops and stores, windows donning ‘closed’ signs

Streets, fluidly weaving into another and another