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Songs- Little Jewels

My disappointment with pop music as of late has been nothing short of abysmal but a glimmer of hope remains. Here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to, latest or not…

  • Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon in the Wildnerness
  • Let it Go by James Bay
  • Say by John Mayer
  • Catch and Release (Deepend Remix) by Matt Simons
  • Re:re by Asian Kung Fu Generation
  • Sound of Your Heart by Shawn Hook
  • Don’t be so Hard on Yourself by Jess Glynne
  • HandClap by Fitz and the Tantrums

Songs of the Unknown

Beyond the expanse of our

Windows and countless doors

There are opportunities stacked like a tower

Causing us to daydream for more

Lyrics of life calling to our souls

Its melody singing through the spaces between

Reaching our ears through bedrock and folds

We listen to something that has never been

The plummeting drop of adventure

Plays to a fast electric beat

It sings of going off centre

Jumping from feat to feat

The tears we cry in times of grief

Resound in melancholic score

The ivory keys play on, but only brief

Till we realise to life there is more

The sprinting moment of joy

With a background of pumped notes

Reminds us of the times enjoyed

Like setting sail into the summer by boat

And times when we are suffering

From a flair for the dramatic

Orchestra violins and cellos ring

Rendering us more psychopathic

The song seeps through the cracks of our walls

Ringing through the vast corners of the land

Rising from the emptiest of abyss’, it calls

Reminding us of all that is at hand

We know not where they come from

We know not why they are the way they are

We do know from the minute we rise in the morn

That we will always hear them from afar

Not everyone knows of these tunes

Yet play a greater part than is shown

Guiding us from the ruins

They are the songs of the unknown

3 Covers that are Better than the Originals

When a song becomes a huge hit, it’s usually a big blaring pop hit that’s upbeat and danceable to as the Top 40 demonstrates most of the time.

While I enjoy those types of songs, what I really look forward to is finding covers of them, excited about what other musicians can do.

The 3 covers I’m suggesting are slower versions of the originals which is perhaps why they are so captivating on their own so here they are:

1. What Makes You Beautiful by the 1975 (originally by One Direction)

I know we’ve all heard the pop version on the radio or at the store, to the point where it became severely overplayed and annoying. If you thought no one would be able to revamp WMYB then think again, because that’s exactly what The 1975 have done with 1D’s hit. Who knew it could sound so beautiful and tragic?

2. Applause by Sam Tsui (originally by Lady Gaga)

Although Lady Gaga’s version is wonderful, it doesn’t compare to Sam Tsui’s cover. It’s haunting, mysterious and sounds like an impending tragedy is about to occur and ironically about applause from the crowd. The use of the violin really makes it stand out.


3. We Found Love by Boyce Avenue (originally by Rihanna)

I don’t really think there is a song that Boyce Avenue couldn’t cover but this by far has to be one of my favourite of theirs.


Enjoy! 🙂