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Art Journal- Movie I’d Love to Live

If I were to choose a movie that I’d like to live through, most definitely it would be You’ve Got Mail. Coffee shops, Christmas, snow, bookstores, New York and a romance full of banter, what could be better? I’d love to be Kathleen Kelly.


This has to be my favourite quote from the movie, from one of Joe Fox’s emails in the beginning…just the image of a bouquet of pencils is cute as a button 🙂


3 days, 3 quotes Day 3

Bill from Perks of Being a Wallflower may have become well known for the quote ‘We accept the love we think we deserve.’ but I find that his most thoughtful and insightful remark was about four paragraphs earlier.

“It’s just that sometimes people use thought to not participate in life.”

-Stephen Chbosky

Oh how right you are Mr. Chbosky. Not to mention it’s a successful way to evade the nirvana that is a good night’s sleep. Then again it could be my TV screen activating my brain’s suprachiasmatic nuclei thus influencing my circadian rhythm…

…and once again, my thoughts have wandered.

To all the musicians out there…

To all the musicians out there…

Thank you. Whether I like your music or not, there is someone out there whose heart you’ve touched with your music. A safe place  you’ve given them the minute they plug in their headphones. A feeling like no other. That is a gift. So don’t let anyone stop you. Because the world would be a terrible place without your art.


Those who are drowning in the depth of your voices (in the good kind of way)

I dislike those who bash on other people’s taste in music as if their’s is superior. Liking pop stars doesn’t mean your taste is stupid like some people like to point out. What is stupid is that they don’t understand that music is music and that there is an audience for every artist. Respect them all.