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Tinsel, Lights and Songs to Hum


“You stare, seeing yet not

but feeling all the same.

And the streets are lined with tinsel and lights,

the beating of a drum running in your veins.

What a time to be alive,

When your soul is slowly reined.”

So this month has gone by in a whirlwind and with it came tidings both good and bad. Mostly an internalized juxtaposition but projected nonetheless in less than elegant means. If there is such a thing as a quarter life crisis, rest assured that is what I’m going through. Too many questions about the future are making my head ache.

Nonetheless, here’s some music to ride the wave, if like me, you chose to use music as salvation from what can be best described as a monotonous routine. You’ll find it just as jumbled of a mess as my thoughts, I suppose.

  1. Alive by Sia
  2. Dance of Dragons by Ramin Djawadi
  3. Believer by American Authors
  4. Lay it All on Me by Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran
  5. Happiness by IAMX
  6. Infinity by One Direction
  7. Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez
  8. Hiding by Florence + The Machine
  9. Never One to Complain by The Night Terrors of 1927
  10. R.I.P 2 My Youth by The Neighbourhood
  11. Desire (Gryffin Remix) by Years and Years

The Mental Health Diaries- Challenging Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is common to all of us be it at a certain point in our lives or characteristic of a particular mental illness such as an anxiety disorder and depression. It’s important to identify your negative thoughts and challenge them before they impact your life. While at my internship, I was reading about different questions we can use to counteract these negative thoughts and here they are some:

challenging negative thoughts 1challenging negative thoughts 2 challenging negative thoughts 3


Backgrounds: Tumblr and Google Images 

Questions: Edited by me 🙂

Quadruple the Questions!

The dam is open and the questions keep coming! I’m glad to answer Jaisal’s questions so here they are!

1.Which is your favorite word, and why ?

This used to be a tough question for me until I read a book called The Miniaturist and the answer became apparent. It’s winter sunlight or rather its obsolete synonym apricity. It’s not just the sound of it, but the imagery. It stirs my memory of the winters in the snow and rays of sunlight warming frozen cheeks. That feeling is paradoxical, feeling warm and cold all at once in a fleeting moment. 

2. If you could do one bad thing without suffering the consequences what would it be ?

I’d like to go to the mall or any store I like and go on a thieving spree, stealing whatever I can lay my greedy fingers on. So many beautiful things, so little money to splurge on them so this is the perfect solution. Light on the purse strings but maybe a bit taxing on closet space.  But that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

3.Would you rather teleport to any place you wanted to go to, or would you rather have the superhuman ability to fly to that place ? Give one reason for your answer.

The old adage goes, ” Its not about the destination but the journey.” Well, I disagree. The journey is wearisome and more often than not I just can’t wait to reach the destination and soak it in. So I’d much rather teleport but the question Sheldon from Big Bang raised about being disintegrated in one place only to be reintegrated in another sounds worrisome. Hopefully my molecules and cells will arrange themselves accordingly because I’d hate to fly to places like Superman instead.









4. Ask me a question you would never ask yourself for any particular reason, I’ll leave the answer on any random post of yours.

When will you be enough? How do you know?

5.Why do flossing and candy floss share the same nomenclature ?

What an interesting question!(I have to say, this question led me to google candy floss and how it’s made. I must say, I wish its other name fairy floss was more popular. It settles well on the tip of the tongue.)
Well floss is made to thread between your teeth like while candy floss is essentially made of spun sugar which could be considered micro-thread woven around into a ball on a stick. They have string like qualities, hence the same nomenclature? That’s my theory, at least. 

6.What is the most random thing you’ve read on the internet ?

Something random and also eerily fascinating I’ve read is that positive entities reside inside teddy bears, protecting children and making them feel safe which is why children become so attached to them. I’m a slight believer in the supernatural so I found it reassuring that there are positive spirits around us, trying to help instead of only negative ones seeking to wreak havoc on our lives as scary movie franchises love to point out. 

So I’d like to take this time to thank my dutiful teddy bear named ABC for being my unwavering childhood friend 😛

7.When have you truly felt that you were lost in life, and who has been your guiding light at that time of your life ?

I felt extremely lost in my final year of high school because of all the questions I had about my future. Where would I go after graduating? People assumed I had everything figured out when it was actually the complete opposite. My major dilemma was whether or not to follow my interest in psychology rather than cave into the societal pressure to become a doctor. I knew I’d be miserable to have opted for the latter so I’m glad I stuck to my guns and did what I wanted with my life. I just thought about my dad and how he would have supported me no matter what I did, never buying into the limited Indian engineer or doctor mentality (trust me, it’s such a pain). My mom was also a hundred percent supportive and I’m glad for it.

8. If you could have one fictional world transformed into reality, which one would it be and why ?

Hands down, it’s got to be Harry Potter. I dressed up as Hermione for Halloween two years in a row! I’d love to attend Hogwarts, I know I’d be sorted into Ravenclaw for sure. If any of you Potterheads want to know which house you’d be sorted into based on your personality check out this Sorting Quiz!

9. Post your favorite song !

Somehow I always love listening to Payphone by Maroon 5 and singing it as well. It never gets old.

In terms of foreign songs, I really like Too Michi no Saki de by Ai Takekawa. ( or any InuYasha opening/ending theme for that matter, that anime’s music is so spot on I think I’ll have to dedicate an entire post to its perfection.)

10. Write 20 words that you feel define you the best, Just 20. It’s a challenge :p

Challenge accepted. Apart from the words I’ve already used in the Me in a Nutshell widget on my primary sidebar, here are some more:

Expressive. Polarised. Hikikomori. Clinophile. Smart. Aloof. Escapist. Grammar Nazi. Slow-to-warm. Nyctophile. Reliable.     Type A. Open-minded. Sigurista. Workaholic.  Retrophile. Solivagant. Seething. Invested. Dedicated.

Thanks again for asking me these questions! I enjoyed answering them!

Third Round of Questions!

So https://ascintillaofthoughts.wordpress.com wanted me to answer these questions and I was happy to oblige! Thanks!

1) A book that you have read more than five times.

I haven’t read a book more than five times but if I tapped into my precognition abilities I’m pretty sure it would one of the Harry Potter books. I can imagine needing a good, long dose of childhood nostalgia every so often.

2) A city you would love to live in.

With the way I’m thinking at the moment, I’d love to live in Japan, although not forever. Not too sure about which city but wherever it was I could imagine shopping binges at stationary stores ( I love Japanese stationary, it’s adorable!), book stores where I could stock up on loads of manga and dvds of animes. Not to mention spending some blissful hours at some cat cafes sipping tea. After seeing pictures of my parents visiting Japan before I was born, I just want to see it for myself, be there long enough to know the place. Oh the sights, I’d see…I’d love to learn some Japanese too! 

Source: Google Images

3) A song that you would like to play at your wedding.

The Script’s Never Seen Anything ‘Quite Like You is, in my opinion, MADE for weddings. 

4) A song that you would like to play on your death-bed.

One Republic’s I Lived would be ironic, wouldn’t it? But it’s hopeful and that’s what people need at funerals and in those moments more than a string of heart-wrenching notes.  

5) A person you admire, and wish to be like.

My dad was my first and true role model. No one else can compare. He taught me to love what I do whatever that may be and encouraged everything I did. I hope to make him proud, wherever he is.

6) Your most prized possession.

My books.

7) A memory you would love to erase.

The day my dad died would be the first on my list but if I erased that, I think I would be closed off to the ability to come to terms with my grief and find closure. It would be this ineffable blur in time that would ruin my internal chronology.

8) A memory you would love to relive. Why did you choose what you chose?

I’d love to back to those winters in the skating rink. Or the summers my parents and  I would go to Wonderland or any amusement park at all, really. Those were good times and they’re not out and out uniquely fantastic but they were those times when things were simpler. The air was clean. It’s foggier now.


9) Would you rather be rich, successful and lonely, or have a family of four living in a small house?

I’d like to be successful but not lonely so this is tough. On one hand, I’m not too fond of kids so a family of four cramped in a small place would be a bit much for me. I guess I’d like to be rich, successful and living with a small family. A mix between the two options would be nice!

10) Would you pick a long, monotonous life, or a short lived one, in which every day is more exciting than the previous?

Brevity is best. A short, well lived life beats out any monotonous one.

Second Liebster Award!

Boom! The Liebster Award came back to me like a boomerang. I was nominated by one of my nominees https://asperganoid.wordpress.com/! Thanks so much and since I’ve already done a post for this award I thought I’d just answer the wickedly unique questions you posed!

1. What’s your favorite 19th century book?

Well, I’m not a big fan of 19th century novels but one that stood out for me was Black Beauty. It changed the way I see horses and the way we humans treat them. As a child who was extrememly interested in writing, Anna Sewell also truly inspired me with her determination to finish and publish the book despite being severely ill. I have so much respect for her and her dedication to writing on behalf of creatures we have taken for granted.

2. What’s your favorite tree?

Fictional tree wise, the Whomping Willow is pretty wicked or even the sacred tree in InuYasha! But realistically, I like banyan trees. They look like they can hold a lot secrets. Just imagine what the wind whistling between those branches could say…

3. What’s your favorite kind of scar?

Emotional scars don’t heal as well as physical ones so I think I’ll go with knee scars.The ones on arms are alright too, they fade easier. I should know, I had a pretty wicked one from when I tripped and skidded down a parking lot in the fifth grade. 

4. From which book is your favorite book cover?

I like the covers of Kate DiCamillo books because of their use of pastel chalk pencil art. I think it resonates with her writing style, soft and expressive. There’s nothing more pleasing than when a book and it’s cover are compatible. 


5. What type of question do you like the most?

I enjoy questions that are unusual and make me think. Those questions that make you question something else in turn and it snowballs from there. The ones that may be difficult but have the ability to change you. There’s something powerful in curiosity and in satisfying it.

6. Which animal do you believe has the best set of teeth?

I’ve always loved wolves and I think they look brilliant and terrifying when they bare their teeth.

7. If you could make two different plant/fungi species mate, which would they be?

I’d love an infusion of lilac and jasmine. Can you imagine that sweet smell? Maybe it’d be sickeningly sweet, so much so that it could ward off evil if you dispense it around your house. I like the idea of something sweet being poisonous. 

8. Which two characters from two different books, should be in the same story? (can be movies as well)

Humorously, I’d like to see Hermione from Harry Potter meet Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and just watch the intellectual banter and arguments ensue. Science versus magic, if you will. I’m curious as to who’d exhaust whom with their voracious resilience in matters of the mind.

9. Would you rather be immortal as a human, or be uploaded into cyberspace and be digitally immortal?

Truthfully, both sound terribly like punishments. Yet, if I had to choose I’d rather be immortal as a human becasue the idea of living on as a machine is dehumanizing and I’d rather have a soul than a circuit board to exist.

10. What would the title of your first movie be?

20 Foreign Words That You Never Knew You Needed
Source: http://wordstuck.co.vu/


Because in my free time, that’s essentially what I am. So a movie about a hikikomori would be a apt for me. It’d be cool if you could enter the television program you’re watching just as Meggie does with books in Inkheart. And all the while everyone assumes the protagonist is nothing but a lazy isolated teenager and have no clue what’s going on behind the closed door.

(p.s Wordstuck is such a wonderful blog, please visit if you like learning interesting words from different languages)

Once again, thank you and I really enjoyed answering these!