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Stitching Flesh

Be it lives as stories and bodies as paper

Dripped in ink and at the edges taper

I can fashion fine parchment to write

Be cautioned for it is made in spite

Yet if you remain curious to know

I’ll tell you now, you needn’t go


Cut a sliver with a blade number eleven

for a thin sheet of flesh two by seven

Make twenty alike and cut an inch steeper

Till the maroon tinge of skin is deeper

Here you slice careful and through

For a thick cover of muscle eight and two

Pull the capillaries and veins

and stitch the flesh pages without stains

Thread them through a needle strong

And stitch a coptic design along

Then saw through the marrow until the bone

And strategically pry a piece for one button alone

Pin it to the front cover and and loop a string

Made of arteries to add details of finishing


Swab the note book with cotton and gauze

Then stop, take a minute and pause

Write the name of the deceased (wo)man

Supposing it’s either Richard or Anne

Make sure it’s in the top right corner

For whatever else I am, I always give due honour


For the love of school supplies

(Before continuing let me make this clear, I am not talking about the movie The Notebook because I’ve never seen the whole thing. I’m talking about notebooks that you write in.)


Ever since I was a child, my favourite store was Staples, where office supplies and school supplies stretched on in endless aisles before me. Even now, I love stationary and can’t help buy more notebooks and supplies than I could possibly use. My insatiable rationalisation when I buy new things sounds something like ‘I will definitely use them!’ or ‘How can I NOT buy this?’, yet in actuality I don’t need any reasons to buy more notebooks.

As a student, they won’t be wasted and sometimes they motivate me to be neat with my notes and diagrams. I couldn’t possibly bear to scribble in the nice ones so I guess I’m a little prejudiced.

Not even, just notebooks but art supplies, colour paper, sketch books, anything and everything.


Now that I live in Bangalore, my favourite place to buy stationary is Landmark. They have the best stuff I’ve ever seen, sort of like my paradise.

Notebooks with Paris and London-themed covers
Notebooks with Paris and London-themed covers
Notebook with a cloth cover and hand made pages 🙂
This is a clever one. When you open the notebook, the pages are upside down.
This is a clever one. When you open the notebook, the pages are upside down.
Marvel Superhero's notebook! I just had to.
Marvel Superheroes notebook! I just had to.
Pop art themed box
Pop art themed box

Gotta have em’ all, I guess.