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Photography Challenge Day 3- Guilty Pleasures

Some people aren’t guilty about any of their pleasures which is nice but sometimes things are better kept to yourself.

One of my guilty pleasures is liking One Direction and owning all their albums. Don’t ask me why I like them because I just do.



Day 10: A Song by your Favourite Band

I like a lot of bands like The Fray, The Script, The 1975, The Neighbourhood and Imagine Dragons. I’ll bet that if you’re reading this, you think you’ve got me all figured out based on my love for alternative and indie bands. But did you also know that I like One Direction? Nope, I didn’t think so.

Before you roll those eyes in judgement, let me tell you that I know they were a bubble gum pop band and when they were first starting out, I’ll admit I liked it. Now they’ve matured slightly with their music and so have I. They’re around my age so it’s not the worst thing to like them, in my opinion. If they steer their sound to a more mature sound that people my age would actually like, then they’d be ten times as bigger. Sadly, their demographic is a younger audience who buys their lunch boxes and back packs.

Still, that’s not the only mistake they’ve made. Some of their best songs and my favourites didn’t make the album, instead pushed out as bonus tracks for the deluxe editions. Irresistible didn’t make Take Me Home and Half a Heart didn’t make Midnight Memories and both slow songs show the band’s ability to sing.

So take a listen before you judge:

This band means something to me.