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Amazing Pop Mash-ups

I love mash ups so much, especially how some songs when put together sound perfect and incomplete when you listen to each one individually afterwards. I thought I’d share some of my favourites on here for anyone who wants to take a listen!

Timber/Counting Stars by Sam Tsui

I honestly can’t sing Timber without Counting Stars creeping in after listening to this.

Towers/Over Again by Yeisimar Manotas

It sounds like the boys are singing about starting over again and the girls are singing about how their hearts feel nothing at all anymore, almost like they’re singing to one another.

I Knew You had a Heart Attack by earlvin14

I seem to enjoy the Heart Attack mashups quite a bit but what’s nice about this one is that it features both instrumentals and accapellas in a way that blends well together.

Let it Go/Let her Go by Sam Tsui

Sam Tsui’s voice is amazing and the titles worked out conveniently, don’t you think?

Payphone/ Little Things by earlvin14

Two of my favourite songs from two of my favourite bands 🙂 The bridge sounds fantastic in this one if I may add.

Heart Attack/ One More Night by bringmethemashup

The acapella is mostly One More Night featuring some of Demi’s high notes and the instrumental is that of Heart Attack’s.

Live While We’re Young/ Best Song Ever by earlvin14

For the One Direction fans this would be heaven, I had no idea these two songs could go so well together.

Enjoy! 🙂