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Playlist- I open at the close.

Some of the songs I’ve been listening to lately…

  • The Call by Regina Spektor
  • Down the Line by Julia and the Doogans
  • Renegades by X Ambassadors
  • Dreams by The Cranberries
  • Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
  • Unsteady (Erich Lee Gravity Remix) by X Ambassadors
  • Us by Regina Spektor
  • The Sound by The 1975
  • Nighlight by Silversun Pickups
  • Not Today by The Imagine Dragons
  • For Your Love by Josh Record

p.s I adore Regina Spektor, X Ambassadors and Julia and the Doogans. Please check them out 🙂

p.p.s Me Before You has a wonderful OST


Music Speaks When I Cannot

I do realize how powerful music is and although I always knew it, today I felt it.

A variety of songs have spoken to me, worth more than a thousand word essays of pent-up expression because there’s something magical about how musicians tell you how you feel when listening to their music and some songs feel as if they were written for you…

Ed Sheeran- Afire Love

Of all the songs based on grief of losing a loved one, this song hits me the hardest. Yesterday was Fathers Day and it was a bit difficult to be happy when my dad wasn’t alive to celebrate with. Although Sheeran wrote this about his grandfather passing away after battling Alzheimer’s, I connect to it on two levels. The mention of medication and weariness reminds me of what my father went through, tired after suffering a heart attack. I used to be angry as a child that God took him away from me but I’ve come to realize it’s for the best.  The other level I relate to is when someone you love doesn’t recognize you. You cannot blame them but it hurts nonetheless and that is where the plight begins because you do not know what to feel and if you feel something, you may be guilty about it.

Sam Smith- Money on my Mind

I’ve come across too many materialistic people who ask me “Why do work for something when you’re not getting paid?” The sad truth is that no matter your explanation, they will not understand. I do not write for others, I write for myself. Even if it does not amount to fiscal rewards, I will always write. Just like how Ed Sheeran described it, I am a selfish writer. I do it for myself. I do it for the love.

Imagine Dragons- My Fault

Involved in a group conflict, I’ve begun to wonder about the human tendency to assign blame. I wonder if it really is my fault as others claim and then I think it is unfair that I am the only person who contemplates this. Perhaps if we all look deeper, analyse our contribution to strife, we could remedy it. Sadly, the people I know at the moment refuse to do this and the point is moot. Just like our friendships. And that’s a terrible way to describe a friendship, it really is.

And thank you to a good friend who recommended listening to this 🙂

Day 10: A Song by your Favourite Band

I like a lot of bands like The Fray, The Script, The 1975, The Neighbourhood and Imagine Dragons. I’ll bet that if you’re reading this, you think you’ve got me all figured out based on my love for alternative and indie bands. But did you also know that I like One Direction? Nope, I didn’t think so.

Before you roll those eyes in judgement, let me tell you that I know they were a bubble gum pop band and when they were first starting out, I’ll admit I liked it. Now they’ve matured slightly with their music and so have I. They’re around my age so it’s not the worst thing to like them, in my opinion. If they steer their sound to a more mature sound that people my age would actually like, then they’d be ten times as bigger. Sadly, their demographic is a younger audience who buys their lunch boxes and back packs.

Still, that’s not the only mistake they’ve made. Some of their best songs and my favourites didn’t make the album, instead pushed out as bonus tracks for the deluxe editions. Irresistible didn’t make Take Me Home and Half a Heart didn’t make Midnight Memories and both slow songs show the band’s ability to sing.

So take a listen before you judge:

This band means something to me.