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Picture Prose- Electric Wires and Cirrus

I look up to see electric wires criss-cross on the cloudy canvas, slashing at cirrus like permanent ink lines, the view from the second floor. 


Twenty nine steps higher and the sky is sliced in half with the crooked slants of rooftops like teeth in a tart. 


It is these sorts of days that the clouds look almost alive, drifting and aimless much like I am, no place of their own. 


But that’s the thing about drifting, it’ll take you places you never knew before. Chances are, one will feel like home.

Day 2: Take Me Home

Theme: Journey ~ Form: Limerick ~ Device: Alliteration

Take Me Home

Living shirt to skirt in a suitcase

Stuffing socks into a finite space

It’s like life can be lived in a box

And I’ve got no keys to all those locks

So take me to a home-like place

Where the heater may not turn on always

But I still feel just as warm on cold days

Where the summer heat pours in and bakes

my crackled skin and soul into cakes

But never has my heart been so ablaze

Sitting on a comfortable couch

Watching sports in a slouch

Sloshing rum and bottled-beer

I’ll always want to be right here

That’s something I can vouch

Though it’ll be a long way back

There’s no way I can crack

So long as I keep home at heart

The journey is already at a start

And I never needed to pack

I wrote a sequence of limericks and used a bit of alliteration. This isn’t a journey of mine or anyone I know, just that of someone who travels a great deal and yearns to go home.  I suppose the greatest and meaningful journey you can take is the one home, be it a long physical journey or a brief mental one to keep sane while away.

Photography Challenge Day 8- My Happy Place


Rooftops are always great right? Climb up there when you’re supposed to be studying, sneaking in some booze and cigarettes and shout out at the top of your lungs because you can feel the whole world around you instead of just seeing it. It’s even better when the dark clouds are rolling in and you can almost smell the rain…

An Inspired Foodie Thought

Every home is a restaurant with its own head chef and sous chefs. There’s a different menu and a different cuisine. Before the food arrives at the table, there are disasters in the kitchen and moments of inspiration that make a dish all the better. There are impatient people waiting for their meal at the dining table and there are those handy helpers at home who act as the waiters by bringing and serving food to everyone. 

Every home has a secret ingredient. It could be love, it could be hatred and that is what defines the food within that household. That’s why food in each home tastes different.

There are millions of unique restaurants across the world, skittered down the streets, both well-lit and struggling for light. So much to be tasted, yet so much left wasted.

Eat in a home and you will pay nothing but receive everything. It’s the best kind of restaurant there is.

Ottawa- The Heart and Soul of Canada

The capital of the country and fourth largest city in Canada, Ottawa is an undiscovered gem in the face of its neighbouring metropolis Toronto. It’s a fantastic place that you can visit any time of the year because with each new season the entire city changes too!

The Rideau Canal- the longest man-made canal
The Rideau Canal- the longest man-made canal


As winter rolls in, the people of Ottawa do anything but hibernate! The famous Winterlude festival that has been celebrated for the past three decades brings joy to everyone. The world’s largest skating rink, the Rideau Canal Skateway comes alive with more than 600,000 visitors taking part in a host of winter activities. Spectacular ice carvings grace the frozen canal for one and all to behold and maybe take a couple of silly pictures with along the way. The Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau is home to the world’s biggest snow playground – the Snowflake Kingdom. So grab a pair of skates and head on down!

Gatineau Park foliage
Gatineau Park Foliage


The foliage of green soon gives way to warm hues of yellow, orange and red and the best place to see the true beauty of autumn leaves is Gatineau Park. As if there weren’t enough colours on the scenic palette, the Hot Air Balloon festival held in Gatineau adds even more vibrant shades to the sky.

For Halloween, visit Saunders Farm for its Barn of Terror, Haunted House, eerie corn mazes etc. while munching on some kettle corn and sipping apple cider. The farm transforms into a scary Halloween theme park so if you’re ever in Ottawa and want to get spooked with your family and friends this is the place to be!

The Ottawa Tulip Festival
The Ottawa Tulip Festival


Ottawa receives a multitude of tulip bulbs every year from Holland as a token of appreciation for sheltering their princess during the Second World War. This is how the Canadian Tulip Festival came to be and it is one of the world’s largest tulip festivals. Over a million tulips are planted and displayed throughout the city especially in Commissioner’s Park near Dow’s Lake. The site is breathtakingly beautiful as a panorama of colour spreads before your very eyes. As if anything more were needed, the festival also features musical performances and international cuisine exhibits.


Canada Day Fireworks
Canada Day Fireworks

Come July 1st and the downtown streets surrounding the Parliament Buildings have a festive air with parades, concerts and fairs to celebrate Canada Day. The night ends with a spectacular firework display giving another meaning to the phrase ‘going out with a bang’.

For the folks of Ottawa August means only one thing: the SuperEX.  It is the most popular festival of the summer with rides, entertainment and activities for all age groups and yes, that includes adults who think they’re too old to have fun at a fair.

ByWard Market, one of Canada’s oldest and largest markets, spans an area of four blocks full of museums, boutiques, cafes and specialty food shops and is extremely pleasant to visit in the summer.

Scotiabank Place
Scotiabank Place

 Catch a hockey game at Scotiabank Place and cheer the local team the Ottawa Senators to victory!