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Looking to Adopt a Dog?

Over my semester break, I spent time volunteering at CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre in Bangalore and while I didn’t get to sleep in as much as I’d planned (I sincerely expected to hibernate and re-emerge for the next semester) it was time well spent. While I got to work with a lot of dogs at the centre,  the biggest surprise for me was seeing an old friend. He’s a black Indian dog who I last saw a year ago.
You see last year, I worked at CUPA’s trauma centre every weekend and I’d see different dogs come and go. Then one weekend, I see this beautiful black dog and what do you know, he took a liking to me. He’s got deep brown eyes and enjoys staring into your soul with them. I’d walk him, bathe him and he’d always come over to me whenever I was around. I even taught him how to shake hands. I got so attached to him I named him Toothless (he’s as black as the night fury from How to Train Your Dragon haha). Irony is that this dog has beautiful pearly whites.
Alas, I finished my volunteer requirement at the trauma centre  and stopped going on my weekends. That was the last time I saw him.
Then when I stopped by the Adoption Centre to have a look, who comes padding over to me? TOOTHLESS! (Except, he has since been named Rafiki.) I was absolutely buzzing over the fact that he remembered me and what’s better is that he still gave me his paw. If I were petting him and then my attention digressed to another dog, he’d just grab it again by shaking my hand. I taught him other commands with some treats too. He now knows sit, down and come. He’s super easy to train. Smart dog, huh?
His only idiosyncrasy is probably staring at the tree all day long, looking for squirrels. Neither his concentration or his determination is deterred (I wish I had that dedication for something I love). I’m hoping he gets adopted by someone. A visitor came by looking for a calm and docile dog and I tried my best to talk this guy up.
Anyway, if anyone is looking for a lovable mutt to take home, Rafiki is precious. Also, check out the CUPA website to see more of the lovely dogs they have!


Day 4: Sniff

Prompt: Write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest Facebook status.

My Facebook status: “Sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads.”


She leaves early in the morning

with the scent of tired perfume

while I stay at home,

chewing books and binding

till …

she comes back, wide eyed

saying, “You’ve gone crazy!”

“But I like it! It’s fun!” I bark back

and she sighs.

Then buys books to replace the pile.

More the merrier I should think.

She leaves the next morning

wearing a tired hat upon her head

while I stay at home

chewing  books and bindings

But these new ones hurt my teeth,

fighting wear and tear

I don’t like this anymore…

When’s she coming home?

I tried to capture a dog’s point of view, one that likes to mess about with books 🙂