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Sundays playing tourist…

The day felt like peppermint tea and poetry written by a recluse poet as the sky purpled with hints of grey at the edges of frayed clouds.


The days of playing pretend were supposedly over twelve years ago but playing tourist in a city you’ve been living in for the past three years can be an invigorating adventure, rediscovering the old haunts and some new places you’d been postponing to visit for ever so long.







In some majestic buildings justice is served and we can only hope that the deliverers are as upright-morally- as those tall structures.


p.s Photographs of tree from down below, with the sun glinting through the branches, are some of favourites. Here’s one.


p.p.s It’s fun to explore and just wander. Do it on a Sunday.


Stained Glass Summers

I had a lovely summer, finally with some free time and I graduated from college, so I’d chalk that up to a good time.

Church Street milling with people mid day is where I found myself, disappearing into the throng, walking with no place to go until I met a friend and we sat ourselves down to catch up on everything we’d been missing, long been kept from enjoying time off, no pressing deadlines or harried hellos and goodbyes. We’d been through some hell of a ringer and came out clean on the other side. And in that late afternoon, we sat outside a cafe, smelling of cinammon in the air. The smell of nicotine intermingled as we sucked on pale white cigarettes, vestiges of lipstick with names like wine festival and bold crimson caressing the tips. And I remember thinking, summer smells so sweet.

2016-06-09 22.56.55

 Light filtered through kaleidoscope tinted sky lights, and the light buzz of beer was coloured with reds, blues and bright yellows. Behind me were little wooden houses, brightly painted and in rows perched on shelves lined till the ceiling where the colours of the stained glass danced upon them as if for tiny little people. And on many occasions, we all feel tinier than we are but with a couple of beers in hand and bowling drunkenly afterwards, the brightly coloured bowling balls sloping ever always to the right, we could not have felt any bigger than at that very moment.

2016-06-09 22.57.26

Trees blooming with pink flowers are such a sight to see and one of my favourites, even when a tram is zipping me by so fast I couldn’t hold on to take a picture fast enough. Thankfully I did. And with a lake spread out before my eyes and fishermen waiting for the long haul not too far away, I felt like a tiny dot among the crowd, in a way that made me realize we’re all trying and we’re all okay.

Cheers to Chutney Chang!

After finishing with midterms (good riddance), my best friend and I had gone to Chutney Chang’s to reward ourselves for having survived what I can only describe as a grueling week and it was a reward indeed.

Booking a reservation the day before, I prepared to have to wait a while before getting our table since we were going on a Saturday evening for dinner but there was no delay or suffocating rush that stifled the foodie experience so all was well.

Chutney Chang is one of the biggest spread buffet’s in Bangalore, the perfect combination and blend of Indian and Chinese cuisine with a live chaat stand and live dimsum stand as well and an assortment of dishes made for those with a big appetite.  I’d gone to the Chutney Chang off Church Street, on Museum Road.

Everything is self service and the only dish that’s served at the table is soup and Indian bread. The rest is up to you so go big or go home!

As a vegetarian I was pleased with the wide array of vegetarian dishes. The food was delicious. Starting off with a black pepper soup, moving on to some pasta salad, egg salad and dahi puri. It appeared as if the entrees were enough to make me full but it was imperative to make room for the main dish. I had biryani with palak paneer and stir fried vegetables. For dessert there were a multitude of options like black currant cheese cake, chocolate brownies, jelly custard and a chocolate fondue fountain with marshmallows and sweets to dip in it. A sweet tooth would be delighted! Priced at Rs. 680, I would say it’s worth it.


Dahi puri 🙂


However, the food isn’t the only reason I’d recommend dining at this wonderful restaurant. The staff are warm and very friendly, making you feel at home and even the decor and ambiance was inviting rather than intimidating as it can be in some fine dining restaurants. Clearly, Chutney Chang shows you that classy restaurants do not need stuffy and overly formal waiters. We were seated at a table on the first floor right next to a small fish pond and it was such a lovely place to sit.

Of course, there’s always a little fiasco wherever my friend and I go. In the middle of our meal, between jokes and irrepressible laughter, my friend’s fork  flew off the table and landed right in the water where all the fish gathered around like it was an idol to worship.

Also, if you tell the staff that it’s your birthday they’ll bring you a small cake and sing happy birthday while playing the guitar as you blow out the candles and make a wish. Their singing reminded me of a barbershop quartet!

So Chutney Chang is a great place to celebrate with friends and family!


 Food: ****

Service: *****

Ambiance: ****

Check it out: http://www.zomato.com/bangalore/chutney-chang-church-street