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In college we did a quick-write in class today, writing for several minutes based on a word prompt i.e the word blink.

So here’s the unpolished quick-write:

Blink. It takes a second to be elsewhere, anywhere and everywhere, all at once, yet nowhere soon enough. The mind works in ways we cannot fathom, though we certainly try to understand. I close my eyes and see galaxies I’ll never know, speckled with stars like a semi-chaotic  splatter of an almighty paintbrush. Then I blink and see another scene before my eyes, that of a living room in disarray beyond the island that is my couch with socks scattered on the floor and pencils skittered between them, perhaps my unconscious homage to those galaxies represented on my floor. Indeed, there lie connections between reality and imagination. Just blink and you shall see them.


How to Write Creative Non-Fiction

If you were given the option to read a comic book or read a book on economic stability I’m betting you’d rather read the comic book. Of course, it’s only natural. Most of us choose fiction for past time reading, often avoiding the non-fiction section unless it were for a report or essay due in college.

Yet some authors take real life phenomenon and spin them in a fantastic way, making for an interesting read. Just take a look at Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human by Jonathan Gottschall. Their work shows us how in depth research can be turned into a page turner, something not easily accomplished…

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