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Stained Glass Summers

I had a lovely summer, finally with some free time and I graduated from college, so I’d chalk that up to a good time.

Church Street milling with people mid day is where I found myself, disappearing into the throng, walking with no place to go until I met a friend and we sat ourselves down to catch up on everything we’d been missing, long been kept from enjoying time off, no pressing deadlines or harried hellos and goodbyes. We’d been through some hell of a ringer and came out clean on the other side. And in that late afternoon, we sat outside a cafe, smelling of cinammon in the air. The smell of nicotine intermingled as we sucked on pale white cigarettes, vestiges of lipstick with names like wine festival and bold crimson caressing the tips. And I remember thinking, summer smells so sweet.

2016-06-09 22.56.55

 Light filtered through kaleidoscope tinted sky lights, and the light buzz of beer was coloured with reds, blues and bright yellows. Behind me were little wooden houses, brightly painted and in rows perched on shelves lined till the ceiling where the colours of the stained glass danced upon them as if for tiny little people. And on many occasions, we all feel tinier than we are but with a couple of beers in hand and bowling drunkenly afterwards, the brightly coloured bowling balls sloping ever always to the right, we could not have felt any bigger than at that very moment.

2016-06-09 22.57.26

Trees blooming with pink flowers are such a sight to see and one of my favourites, even when a tram is zipping me by so fast I couldn’t hold on to take a picture fast enough. Thankfully I did. And with a lake spread out before my eyes and fishermen waiting for the long haul not too far away, I felt like a tiny dot among the crowd, in a way that made me realize we’re all trying and we’re all okay.


H&S Dialogues: Melted and Melting

Melted and Melting


Late nights at the pub

Of beer and ale, you smell

But I don’t care nor mind because

You wear it oh so well

Got your own stamp

Sealed with a kiss

To my cheek, without it

I would feel quite remiss

Like a postcard going nowhere

Or a song left unheard

Screaming out to be sent or played

To release every single word


No music playing when we first met

You complain we’ve got no song

Of our own, so I wrote a score

For both of us to dance along

In the middle of the night

Snow trickling down outside

Clung, freezing, swaying

This lasts, I lied.

He & She:

 But I did not know

Like snowflakes hitting the ground

Split and scatter, fine and fickle

We too would be crushed underfoot

With only the icicles to be left weeping

For you have long ago melted

And I am still slowly melting.

Sports Fans- The Wildest Species in the Human Serengeti


Either you are a sports fan or you know one. It’s one or the other. Yes we’re crazy and sometimes annoying but hey, we already know that. That’s why we love heading down to our favourite sports bar- the watering hole for avid sports fans as we all know- and it’s funny what happens to people who don’t follow sports but they come along anyway.

A few friends and I went into a sports bar this week and one of them isn’t a big fan, but his point of view was refreshingly hilarious.The first thing he asked when we entered was, “What’s with everyone here?” Little did he know he would soon be one of us because what is with everyone is this: sports mania. And it’s very contagious, I might add.

What else does sports mania come with? Take a look at the confessions of a self professed sports fan:

We’re loud and we know it!

The sound of loud commentary bouncing off the walls and cheers from beer-boozing fans is nothing new at a sports bar. Be it football, cricket, basketball or hockey, let’s face it, we’re all the same. Loud. We also suffer from the delusion that the players on screen can hear us.

We’ve got sailor mouths and we kiss our mothers with ’em!

I’ll admit I’ve shouted my fair share of expletives at my team when they get stomped all over, but that’s only because I love them (sports fans know what I’m talking about). We share our love through curse words, so don’t mistake this for hostility!

We love our beer

So this is how it goes for us: Feeling on edge that your team is being crushed? Drink some beer. Is your team killing it? Good, drink some beer. Did your team win? Great, chug some beer. But…did your team lose? Chug it faster man, you sure need it.Yup, the classic combo of sports and beer is unbeaten.

We have a celebratory adrenaline rush

Almost as buzzing with energy as the players, we get a little carried away when we celebrate, going all out with the high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps. All this unfailingly leads to the spillage of beer but that’s the time when we no longer care.

We’re superstitious

Just like the players who wear the same sweaty old socks or jerseys with holes because they won a game in them, we have our own superstitions. For example, if the team starts losing as soon as you tune into the game then it will make you think you’re the reason and lead to the conclusion, however irrational it may be, that if you switch the channel they will play better so long as you’re not watching yourself. I know some who don’t even eat till their team wins!

NOTHING is ever as important as a live game

Someone’s knocking at the door? Don’t care.

Phone ringing? Don’t have time.

Building on fire? I”M WATCHING THE GAME!