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In the spirit of not letting mental illness define yourself or how you see other people. Diagnosis isn’t a label or an identity. That is what 2016 taught me.

Happy holidays 🙂

Goals for 2016

While most of my resolutions are hopeless, I do plan on getting a few things done this year. They’re not too difficult and that’s the key.

  • Read 30 books (This is my Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016.)
  • Start a bullet journal and try it out. (For a conscientious soul like me, this seems like a good system, with room left for personalisation but the key word here is try, because if I don’t like it, oh well.)
  • Read a French book (I migrated this goal from last year.)
  • Make another Rememberlution Jar ( It’s a nice way to end the year by looking back on all the ups.) Or do something in remembrance of what to be grateful for.