My Other Stuff

So I’ve worked on other things and thought I’d put up the links on this page! Feel free to check them out! Thanks 🙂

Published Journal Articles

Binge Watching: Why are College Students Glued to their Screens?

jihp article screenshot

Published Newspaper Articles

There’s nothing gay about it

Eco awareness, need of the hour

Parents should spare children the testing times

parent article

gay rights article

Campus Diaries Articles

The perks of reading ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’

Tips for a Newspaper Internship

Unconventional Writing Tips

Writing Anonymously- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

7 Symptoms of the Bookaholic Syndrome

How to do Great in an Interview

4 Must-see Romeo and Juliet Adaptations

The Magic of Children’s Books

How to Write Creative Non-fiction

Never Forget- The World of Holocaust Literature


Apart from this old blog of mine, I’ve co created others so take a look at these if you’re interested:

Misguided Madness- Taking a Stand against Stigma (a blog on mental health stigma)

Deliriously Informed (blog about delirium and information relevant to this condition)

Make With Love- PR campaign blog

Key to the Psyche

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