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Poetry Challenge Day 14- Pirouette

Prompt: Pick a song lyric to serve as an epigraph to your poem. Then, write the poem to accompany it.

It’s a different kind of danger

Curling toes and stomach knots

Giving into that blood rush

Hungry for a little dance

Though I’m not a dancer

Work my feet across the stage

A spotlight burning my retinas

But no matter, tonight I decided

I’ll  be a ballerina

Glide, fly, pirouette

Break walls, conquer shadows

I’ll waltz in the dark

With a faceless partner

As if no one were around

Light fire to the ground

Burning ghosts with my grace.

p.s Listen to Delilah by Florence + The Machine.


Poetry Challenge Day 13- Lilacs in My Lungs

Prompt: Write a poem inspired by a piece of art work.

There’s chrysanthemums

budding between my ribs,

pushing my heart,

as it gives in.

The cage becoming

a soil of sorts,

making it harder to breathe

as I keep running.

Creeping along my veins,

they spread like a vine.

Lilacs in my lungs

and roses up my spine.

Darling you’re suffocating me

with the roots you’ve grown

in my bones.

Watered them, tended

You’ve taken great care

But I need to prune

these wild flowers.

Please grow them elsewhere.

I’m not your garden.

I don’t want to be.

But you’re a gardener.

And now you’re free.

p.s I Illustrated this poem.


Day 12: “create.”

Prompt: Write a poem based off of a tweet.

This got me thinking…



Incisors gritting

against pencil tips

A fury of pages,

pale as alabaster,

murmur “create.”

The crooning

of artistic thrum

sadly does not translate.

The psyche is left

painted instead

in colours never


in colours that

can’t be


Day 11: The Ogniferous Train

Prompt: Write a short poem that a child might like.

The Ogniferous Train

In the station, the Ogniferous Train stood shiny and red

Inside, books about marvellous adventures lined the bed

A few cars were painted with all the colours of a summer fair

Smells of pumpkin pie and candy apples wafted in the air

The conductor bellowed, “We’re about to leave!”

Through the hills and castles of France it would weave

Children’s dreams and wishes to fuel the journey ahead

It was the trip of a lifetime, everyone said

To travel the land and the realm of imagination

No wonder the Ogniferous Train was a fantastic vacation!

Day 10: Streets

Prompt: Write a poem that employs a rhyme scheme.

There’s details and then there’s beauty. The two are not necessarily intertwined. Inspired by a pretty picture, comes the not so pretty details ensconced in the scene. Maybe that can be beautiful…

Niall Horan’s Instagram


Scuffling shoes, soles petting the pavement

Loose change, to the ground coins skitter

White paint, spilled in lines down a crossing

Foil and crumbs, wrappers gifted below as litter

Foul filth, vomit and spit smeared on the sidewalk

Drunken piss, perfumed scent of the alley

Graffiti, spray paint seeping into brick walls

Scratched lines, a homeless man’s daily tally

Dusty cars, parked lazily in the lot

Chewing gum, cemented like dots of colour

Shops and stores, windows donning ‘closed’ signs

Streets, fluidly weaving into another and another

Day 9 : Violet and Azure

Prompt: Write a poem where each line starts with a letter from your first name (an acrostic). It can be about anything, but it should not be about you or your name.

Violet and Azure

Violet corpuscles stream steadily and slow as

Evening shades drip down from the sky

Darkness ensconces maroon stained metal

And regret colours azure eyes

Day 7: The Book Fundamentals

Prompt: Write a list poem.

The Book Fundamentals

  1. Open the book and sniff the pages
  2. Flip them and revel in the crisp sound
  3. Never leave them in the shelf for ages
  4. Be careful with books that are hard bound
  5. Staining a book is an unspoken crime
  6. Never forget that a book is a secret door
  7. For them, you ought to always make time
  8. Never despair, once finished, there are plenty more

Day 6: The Devil’s Wasteland

Prompt: Respond to the poem you posted previously with a poem of your own.

The last poem I’d posted as part of this challenge was titled God’s Garden so here’s my poetic response to it…



The Devil’s Wasteland

“Dig, dig, dig…”

The chants climbed the crevice

As I make room for one more soul

Another victim of death’s kiss

Shall he be lumped in with

the liars, their tongues cut out

or the monsters of myth…

The hounds of hell shout

make room with the perverse

Whose desires are ever left burning

Yet I think what is best is something worse

In a pit full of  flame churning

With unnamed sinners as fuel

I like to watch them burn

They provide light in this land of waste

Each one their rightful spot earn

Their own poison they will taste

I shall see to it that they do

For these decision are made only by me

That they, like their victims, suffer too

And so it shall be.

Day 5: God’s Garden

Prompt: Post a poem (written by someone else) that you love.

God’s Garden

God looked around his garden

And found an empty place

He then looked down on this Earth

And saw your tired face

He put his arms around you

And lifted you to rest

God’s garden must be beautiful

He only takes the best

He knew that you were suffering

He knew you were in pain

He knew that you would never

Get well on Earth again

He saw that the road was getting rough

And the hills were hard to climb

So he closed your weary eyelids

And whispered “Peace be thine”

It broke our hearts to lose you

But you didn’t go alone

For parts of us went with you

The day that God called you home


Found this poem in a funeral home and wrote it down on an old receipt when I was eleven years old. Eight years later I still have it.