Call me crazy- Labelling and stigma in schizophrenia

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Misguided Madness


Diagnostic labels are beneficial in psychiatric and psychological treatment of mental illnesses yet they also have negative consequences. Labelling theory states that psychiatric labelling perpetuates negative stereotypes about the mentally ill which will in turn lead to discrimination. This may be particularly true for people who are diagnosed with certain disorders over others.

For instance, research has identified that labelling someone as having a mental illness does have an impact on public attitude towards people with schizophrenia and the negative effects far outweigh the positive effects. By labelling as mental illness, the negative stereotype that such individuals are dangerous was endorsed and this has a negative effect on the way people react emotionally towards someone diagnosed with schizophrenia. It also increases their need for social distance from them. However, the label also endorsed another stereotype that those with mental illness are dependent. Perceiving someone with schizophrenia as someone in need…

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