Thoughts on The Flash’s “The Runaway Dinosaur”

*Little late because I’m down with the flu*

Okay, so “Rupture” was my absolute favourite episode of the second season along with the Earth 2 episodes, which heightened my expectations for what was to come next. This explains my slight disappointment with”The Runaway Dinosaur”. In my opinion, the episode seemed a lot like a filler, slowing the momentum that has been building over the past couple of episodes. This was my major reason for shaking my fists angrily as the episode unfolded, so my resistance to it has nothing to do with the story. In fact, it would have been perfect mid season or at a time when Barry’s struggle to come to terms with his mother’s death had greater relevance and precedence because it was difficult for me to accept that Barry was struggling with this when it had not been even remotely hinted at in the previous episodes.

Having said all that, this was one hell of an emotional roller coaster. While in the Speed Force, Barry is confronted with painful moments, ultimately reconciling them into loving memories, a transformation that showed just how in touch he is with his emotions. Grant Gustin did a spectacular job with this beat (he cries so naturally that I couldn’t help but cry with him, I mean come on, it breaks your heart.)

That wasn’t the only highlight. Iris was bad ass in this episode, which is a side to her we’ve been wanting to see more of. Her chemistry with everyone is brilliant to watch, especially Cisco (No, you get behind me!). Taking charge with the Girder situation and stepping up to get Barry back from within the Speed Force, she was finally given some good material to work with and  I loved it. Plus, I think I may have a girl crush on Candice Patton.

And we got some more Westallen and I could not be happier (I ship it hard because I never bought the whole sibling-best friend dynamic that the writers kept forcing on us). That scene at Nora’s grave was wonderful in its containment of Barry and Iris’ feelings by ending with a hug rather than a kiss (so  glad there wasn’t a kiss because that would have been so disrespectful given where they were, in my opinion). Barry’s confession was everything (haha), and don’t even get me started on Iris’ little gasp, clutching her chest before hugging him (inner fan girl squealing).


So excited to see the last two episodes!


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