Years ago, we lost Severus Snape but this week we lost the man who did his character utmost justice, in all his complexities and intricacies.

Through out the years, I have always been skeptical of the hero-worship Snape has garnered, his unnecessarily nasty behaviour toward students being justified because he was bullied as a child and the fact that he protected Harry. I don’t particularly agree with the fact that he was ‘good’ all along, but that is what makes Snape more complex. I believe he was always in a grey area between evil and good (where we all quite often stand), with his bitterness and abusive nature drawing him toward his darkest self and then his love for Lily and moral actions drawing him away. He may not have always been the hero he was in the end, and that’s what makes his choice to do the right thing all the more important in the midst of moral ambiguity he found himself surrounded in. He grew into the hero he was meant to be; his salient transformation was everything. It was difficult and it broke our hearts.

What is even more heart breaking is watching Alan Rickman describe Snape’s character, demonstrating his deeper understanding of him than what we as readers or as an audience did. This is precisely why no one could have possible played him half or nearly a smidge as well as he did. But just as Dumbledore said, ” To the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure.” So I hope Alan Rickman is on his next great adventure.


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