Thanks to Disconnected Wifi, Unseen Positive Life Forces and Others

Are there times when you think you’re going to tank something and against all the odds, you actually do well?  I have and it still makes me unbelievably happy and a bit scared all at once.

The gist is that I want to be a psychologist except my universty doesn’t offer majors and minors. Instead, they offer a three year triple major undergraduate program and mine was in Communications and Media, English Literature and Psychology. I despise studying literature, although I’m more than happy enough to appreciate the prose and poetry and media wasn’t for me. I’d always known that psychology was what I really wanted.

In the third and final year, we have an option to apply for Psychology Honours, a more intensive psychology course involving a research dissertations and almost eight subjects of psych per semester. Ever since joining university I was very determined to take it and finally when the time came to apply, I did. All the forms were handed in and I just had to wait for the announcement of the interview date.

Only I had no idea that the one time I don’t attend a seminar because I’m sick, is the time they choose to announce that interviews would be held the next morning. So there I am, walking towards class the next day, unaware that my first hour had been cancelled until I called a friend asking where she was. My wifi had been down and I hadn’t yet got a data connection pack on my phone so I couldn’t access Whatsapp. It turned out to be a god send.

If I hadn’t known about my morning class being cancelled, I would never have gotten out of bed and gone to uni only to overhear some classmates of mine discussing something about honours interviews. On asking them about it, I got the shock of my life when they told me they were going on right then. Then I began quite the marathon. First running to the psych department but before reaching it, I saw a friend who told me which building the interviews were being held, then to the buidling main desk where they told me to print out a hall ticket which had me utterly puzzled because I’d already submitted all the paperwork. Nonetheless I went down to see if there was a hall ticket online but there wasn’t. Realizing this had wasted even more time in my quest to find the right room, I raced off again to the psych department and nearly fell through the doors, gasping, “Is there a hall ticket for the interviews?”

Some teachers said no and kindly told me that the interview schedule was posted on the bulletin board and to just stay calm ( I must have looked really wired). If only I’d checked that in the first place, right? Anyways, it said that my interview was slotted for the next half hour. Phew.

I finally made it in time to the room where everyone else was waiting and they handed me my application so I could go through my statement of purpose. I’d written it a while ago so I may have forgotten what it said. Yet, I was as glum as glum could be. I had not prepared at all and felt like the race was lost before it had even began. I was so sure that I wouldn’t get in. I’m always nervous about interviews because the ones I’ve had were with terrible interviewers. (Stress interviews really suck, I cannot emphasize that enough.)

Thankfully, this time my interviewers were really nice. I answered every single question to their satisfaction and they were interested in my research ideas which bolstered me to keep talking about it. By the end, it felt more like a conversation and I walked out unable to stop myself from grinning ear to ear. I thought that must have been the happiest I’d ever been.

I was wrong. It was even better to see my name on the list of accepted honours students.

I always curse my luck but as it turns out, it really comes through when I need it the most. Thanks to that, my terrible wifi connection, the classmate I’d overheard, my very lovely interviewers and any unseen positive forces in my life, I’m starting my first day of psych honours tomorrow.

(I’m scared about it, but then again isn’t everyone when starting something completely new?)


2 thoughts on “Thanks to Disconnected Wifi, Unseen Positive Life Forces and Others”

  1. We never know what life has in store for us. All we can do is live in the moment and not stress over things that haven’t happened/ could go wrong. Interesting read!

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