Second Liebster Award!

Boom! The Liebster Award came back to me like a boomerang. I was nominated by one of my nominees! Thanks so much and since I’ve already done a post for this award I thought I’d just answer the wickedly unique questions you posed!

1. What’s your favorite 19th century book?

Well, I’m not a big fan of 19th century novels but one that stood out for me was Black Beauty. It changed the way I see horses and the way we humans treat them. As a child who was extrememly interested in writing, Anna Sewell also truly inspired me with her determination to finish and publish the book despite being severely ill. I have so much respect for her and her dedication to writing on behalf of creatures we have taken for granted.

2. What’s your favorite tree?

Fictional tree wise, the Whomping Willow is pretty wicked or even the sacred tree in InuYasha! But realistically, I like banyan trees. They look like they can hold a lot secrets. Just imagine what the wind whistling between those branches could say…

3. What’s your favorite kind of scar?

Emotional scars don’t heal as well as physical ones so I think I’ll go with knee scars.The ones on arms are alright too, they fade easier. I should know, I had a pretty wicked one from when I tripped and skidded down a parking lot in the fifth grade. 

4. From which book is your favorite book cover?

I like the covers of Kate DiCamillo books because of their use of pastel chalk pencil art. I think it resonates with her writing style, soft and expressive. There’s nothing more pleasing than when a book and it’s cover are compatible. 


5. What type of question do you like the most?

I enjoy questions that are unusual and make me think. Those questions that make you question something else in turn and it snowballs from there. The ones that may be difficult but have the ability to change you. There’s something powerful in curiosity and in satisfying it.

6. Which animal do you believe has the best set of teeth?

I’ve always loved wolves and I think they look brilliant and terrifying when they bare their teeth.

7. If you could make two different plant/fungi species mate, which would they be?

I’d love an infusion of lilac and jasmine. Can you imagine that sweet smell? Maybe it’d be sickeningly sweet, so much so that it could ward off evil if you dispense it around your house. I like the idea of something sweet being poisonous. 

8. Which two characters from two different books, should be in the same story? (can be movies as well)

Humorously, I’d like to see Hermione from Harry Potter meet Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and just watch the intellectual banter and arguments ensue. Science versus magic, if you will. I’m curious as to who’d exhaust whom with their voracious resilience in matters of the mind.

9. Would you rather be immortal as a human, or be uploaded into cyberspace and be digitally immortal?

Truthfully, both sound terribly like punishments. Yet, if I had to choose I’d rather be immortal as a human becasue the idea of living on as a machine is dehumanizing and I’d rather have a soul than a circuit board to exist.

10. What would the title of your first movie be?

20 Foreign Words That You Never Knew You Needed


Because in my free time, that’s essentially what I am. So a movie about a hikikomori would be a apt for me. It’d be cool if you could enter the television program you’re watching just as Meggie does with books in Inkheart. And all the while everyone assumes the protagonist is nothing but a lazy isolated teenager and have no clue what’s going on behind the closed door.

(p.s Wordstuck is such a wonderful blog, please visit if you like learning interesting words from different languages)

Once again, thank you and I really enjoyed answering these!


2 thoughts on “Second Liebster Award!”

    1. No problem at all and thank you! I loved the questions you asked, they were really interesting and made me think so thanks for giving me a chance to answer them 🙂

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