Day 3: If not usurpers, who?

Theme: Trust ~ Form: Acrostic ~ Device: Internal Rhyme

Maybe we’re not, as they say, meant to obey rather

Usurp the rulers, perturb the system and

Trust the underdogs to rise, wreak havoc in their demise

Instill chaos in their wake to make a New Order.

Now it is the descendants, piecing these remnants with

Edges sharp and twine brittle unlike the harp playing

Epigraphs to the Iron Age now that the Gold Cage is

Ruined so that we may know today that the

Sweetest of joys is in re-creating and making noise.

As far as I know, mutineers are always seen as a mistrustful lot but if we didn’t have rebels to overthrow the jaded, we’d be no where at all. Maybe the pages in history were written with their blood.


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