Day 2: Take Me Home

Theme: Journey ~ Form: Limerick ~ Device: Alliteration

Take Me Home

Living shirt to skirt in a suitcase

Stuffing socks into a finite space

It’s like life can be lived in a box

And I’ve got no keys to all those locks

So take me to a home-like place

Where the heater may not turn on always

But I still feel just as warm on cold days

Where the summer heat pours in and bakes

my crackled skin and soul into cakes

But never has my heart been so ablaze

Sitting on a comfortable couch

Watching sports in a slouch

Sloshing rum and bottled-beer

I’ll always want to be right here

That’s something I can vouch

Though it’ll be a long way back

There’s no way I can crack

So long as I keep home at heart

The journey is already at a start

And I never needed to pack

I wrote a sequence of limericks and used a bit of alliteration. This isn’t a journey of mine or anyone I know, just that of someone who travels a great deal and yearns to go home.  I suppose the greatest and meaningful journey you can take is the one home, be it a long physical journey or a brief mental one to keep sane while away.


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