5 Tried and Tested Study Hacks

As a past science student and current arts student, I’ve found there are some study hacks that everyone ought to know. I know for a fact that these five work:

1. Take notes using different coloured pens and use different colour highlighters to highlight key terms so that when you’re skimming through the material you know the key terms and info. Why does this help? Color stimulates the brain. When retrieving a mental image of the page, the brain recalls highlighted terms and colored text in particular. You can even recall their position on the page which helps in constructing answers in an exam and stimulates flow of information. If you don’t write notes, then use post-its in your textbook with main points written on them.



2. Write little outlines for each chapter containing topics, sub topics and key terms as a review for before the exam. If you have lots of formulae, write a master list of all of them on a sheet of paper to have them all in one place. (Also, before answering the questions on an exam, write down all the important formulae on the side so that you don’t forget later on. I recommend this for physics and math papers especially.)


3. If you’re writing notes and/or studying an uninteresting subject for a long time, play instrumental music in the background to help you focus through it. Don’t listen to rap or pop or anything but instrumental as the voice of the singer can be a distraction.

4. Use food as positive reinforcement in the form of rewards for studying milestones like a chapter, section or entire unit.

5. Use more difficult to read fonts to study material instead of easy to read font because we tend to gloss over the fonts that are easy on the eyes. Difficult to read fonts ensure you concentrate when reading study material.


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