PK Gives Hope to Bollywood

I’m not an avid fan of Bollywood movies (partially because I’d need subtitles to understand what’s going on and partially due to the fact that it’s not very believable as a genre in whole).

Having said that, PK was a remarkable surprise, one of the best offerings of the Indian movie making industry.

In short, the movie follows the search of an alien to find his stolen remote that he needs to take him home. Along the way he learns human languages, context, the necessity of clothing and most importantly how complicated and diverse our many religions can be. In a way, PK is similar to ET.

While some may say the concept of an alien landing on earth and learning the customs of the ever complex human race sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi film, the fact that P.K is an alien lends valuable content to the movie overall. Only someone beyond earth would have difficulty in comprehending the concept of God and religion considering that these are inescapable phenomenon across the world, varying with each degree in latitude and longitude but omniscient nonetheless.

Laced with humour, I found the questions that the film raised to be relevant and in need of discussion yet unfortunately there are those who are actively seeking to stop its running in theaters as it supposedly insults Hinduism. Thankfully the Indian Supreme Court didn’t heed their folly. Truthfully, the movie did not insult any religions but actively made us question what we humans have made out of religion. Has God become a human fabrication, manipulated by men of God for whatever purposes they see fit? Have we become so blind in our faith that anything in the name of God is alright?

Ultimately the most powerful statement made in PK was that there are two Gods. One that we have made and the one that truly exists.

Aamir Khan was brilliant and made PK a character to remember so much so that he is PK. Every gesture and expression was utterly bizarre and that was made him believable as an extraterrestrial. The songs, I must add, were adorable and didn’t detract from the plot.

I’d recommend everyone to watch it. I don’t think it matters if you’re not Indian because the content would resonate with audiences worldwide. Even if you don’t understand Hindi watch with subtitles or a friend who’s kind enough to translate (thankfully I have one who is).

Oh, and be prepared to laugh non stop. That’s a given.


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