It’s worrying, this world we live in…

Based on real absurdities like the Chainsmokers Selfie being considered music, fans worshiping Harry Styles’s vomit, youngsters blamed unjustly for rash driving, girls who seek to retaliate only when their phones are being threatened by abusive boyfriends instead of when their own lives are threatened and where selfies are a tool to use as proof of ‘having a life'(as if it were something that needed to proved in the first place) and much more.


it's worrying

Where shattered screens of phones

are weighted more than broken bones

Where hard bound books have become blase

and libraries are rebuilt as glorious internet cafes

Where a shrine on a lonely highway

is dedicated to famous sick that shall decay

Where the young are faulted for being innocent

and unseen crimes of elders stretch on infinite

Where a stream of selfies or a photograph

are worth more than existence by half

Where bimbo-like monologues are played

over beats and thus a hit tune is made

Where arrogant loud-mouths are commended

Their insipid words thought of as splendid

Where mascara is long lasting and patience wears thin

Yes indeed, it’s worrying, this world we live in


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