Christmas Writing Challenge

Hugs, holidays and cheer! December is the month of festivities, riddled with excitement for Christmas so I decided to make a little Christmas writing challenge so we can all fill our stockings with stories this year.

Here goes the challenge!

xmas challenge 2

1. Write a story or a poem including the following words in any order you so choose: midnight, stitches, ice, children, toboggan

2. Write a scene based on this quote:

“At Christmas, all roads lead home.”

                                   – Marjorie Holmes

3. Imagine a character who works at a hand-made Christmas card shop and that he or she has got to finish the daunting task of making 99 last minute Christmas cards. Write the scene.

4. Last minute Christmas shopping can be a nightmare as we all know. Write about your character’s experience as if it were a humorous adventure.

5. Write a scene or a poem based on the carol ‘Frosty the Snowman’.

6. Imagine your character is in a band and has come home for the holidays. They decide to put on a little performance be it in a cafe, old pub or on an ice skating rink, as a tribute to their roots.

7. Write about the perfect Christmas date (mistletoe, hot cocoa, powdered snow on noses, the works). Then make it end in the most disastrous way possible. Make the tables turn.

8. Write a scene wherein your character gets into an argument over a Christmas tree with a stranger.

9. Write about your character performing an act of kindness for a stranger in the spirit of Christmas.

10. Your character and a few friends of his or hers have lost a bet and now have to wear ugly sweaters to their Christmas Party (office, school, university, family).

11. Your character is unfortunately stuck under the mistletoe with his or her worst enemy. Write the scene.

12. Write a letter to a Grinch, someone who despises Christmas. You can share in their hatred or convince them to let it go. It’s all up to you.


  • Change the lyrics to your favourite Christmas carol.
  • Write a scene where your character is his/her worst enemy’s Secret Santa.

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