H&S Dialogues: Schoolyard Fences

Schoolyard Fences


Augmented meaning scraped

on canvas in stripes of black and blue

Staring at masterpieces lost on our blank eyes

Marveling at the mundane, undecided on the ultimates

Then smuggling cigarettes like miniature chimney

stacks shrunken in our pockets, plumes of

smoke curling above in a dark staircase

Bumpy bus rides interrupting trivial talk peppered

with curse words being spit out like chewing gum

and laughter for phallic-inclined humour, our tradition


Red diagrams of magnetic flux staring at

our desks from the white board during physics class

never helped when we learned of covalent bonds

in chemistry nor the function of capillaries in

rudimentary biology. We never learned

how to be a friend, a shoulder or a person

at all but we figured it out on our own.

Plus we can certainly tell you about the

Oedipus complex and Stockholm syndrome

because school was a captor and we were glad captives

in our secondary stand-in home.

He & She:

I’ll miss the desks we scribbled

nonsense on

The notes stuffed between

books and assignments

The math class spent staring out

the window rather

than solving sin2(t) + cos2(t)

then later learning the answer is 1

which sadly is just how I feel

since those days by schoolyard fences.