H&S Dialogues: Heart Sleeves and Mazes

Heart Sleeves and Mazes


Not many can see…

He wears hearts on his sleeve

Never his own, ever another’s

Knit tight like a sweater

With veins knotted like yarn

Blood colouring the hugging mess

A maroon tide across his arms

Beating like a dead orchestra

Down his fingers the vena cava empty

Arteries pooling out into infinity

Clotted sludge smeared across his knuckles

The tired hearts hiding scars on muscles

A collective decoration of gore

To which my own will be one more…


The layers pile on, an onion unpeeled

My knife won’t cut deep…enough

She’s adamant and confused, like a maze

I can’t see straight; unruly and tough

To try is to fail; I’m sick

of these games, fire and flame

All burn out at the wick

So I’ll put it out myself, before

A trap is laid out and set

so I fall for her more.

He & She:

I tried.

It’s not meant to be.

Sever and snip (never stitch)

Now I’m finally free.