H&S Dialogues: Melted and Melting

Melted and Melting


Late nights at the pub

Of beer and ale, you smell

But I don’t care nor mind because

You wear it oh so well

Got your own stamp

Sealed with a kiss

To my cheek, without it

I would feel quite remiss

Like a postcard going nowhere

Or a song left unheard

Screaming out to be sent or played

To release every single word


No music playing when we first met

You complain we’ve got no song

Of our own, so I wrote a score

For both of us to dance along

In the middle of the night

Snow trickling down outside

Clung, freezing, swaying

This lasts, I lied.

He & She:

 But I did not know

Like snowflakes hitting the ground

Split and scatter, fine and fickle

We too would be crushed underfoot

With only the icicles to be left weeping

For you have long ago melted

And I am still slowly melting.